It will generate about 600 new positions

An American company dedicated to the manufacturing of electronics and already settled in Matamoros, will fulfill an expansion in July.


The company, from the electronic sector, will be moving a production line they have in Toronto, Canada to Matamoros, investing about 30 million dollars for its settlement.


The expansion will generate 600 new positions, what will benefit the population; the company will be located at Las Ventanas Industrial Park.


“The company is still into the bureaucratic process to be legally settled, but the plant already started the construction and it is a clear fact that they will be staying in the city,” said Arturo Gomez Ibarra, secretary of Economic Promotion and Employment in Matamoros.


The new production line they will be installing in the entity will be dedicated to the manufacturing of electronic components, pieces for constructing air conditioners for the Industry and home.

The secretary of Economic Promotion and Employment in Matamoros assured that in talks with ProMexico, office in charge of attracting foreign investment to the country, in the state of Tamaulipas, the municipality of Matamoros has a high trend for new foreign investment, as well as for industrial expansion.

In so far the first trimester of the year, 4,000 new jobs have been generated in the city, this without considering the figures that are still not accumulated from April closure, what provides us a new scenario that will probably will generate a figure of about 10,000 jobs in June.