"A future with a steady pace"

It was 53 years ago that the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa in Japan saw the birth of Alps Logistics CO., LTD; exactly on July 2nd, 1964 this company arises. Little by little and thanks to the successful quality service, they grew, covering several cities in Asia, Europe, the United States and Mexico. Nowadays, they have presence with 54 branches worldwide. It is in this country, where ALPS Logistics arrived 42 years after its foundation, in 2006, to be established in the city of Reynosa, Tam. where they cover an extension of 19.872m2 of construction in the industrial building (warehouse) and have the collaboration of 115 employees.


Alps Logistics has also grown in Mexican territory, and now, in addition to its presence in the border, it has plants in the Bajio, in Irapuato and Queretaro.

What do ALPS Logistics do?

ALPS Logistics handles electric products and components; and as you know, in North America, especially in Mexico, “the automotive industry is currently very active, we deliver more than 200 truck monthly (electrical products and components), and we are confident that we are providing a good component, a good service for the entire automotive industry and suppliers,” said Armando Hamamoto, president of Alps Logistics Mexico.

Why did ALPS logistics choose Mexico?

“We chose Mexico, since it is a country with a lot of potential, for example, Mexico has a Free Trade Agreement around the world; here are different automotive industries, it is an attractive country to invest, we see these investors as potential customers,” said Hamamoto.

As for its potential plans to continue establishing other plants in Mexico in the future, the company president said yes, since there are some issues in Mexico, for example, political and economic issues; “We communicate daily with our customers, our customers' requirements and expansion are still positive issues, which is why we have a very aggressive planning to expand our business in Mexico, now and in the future,” he said.


Why ALPS logistics choose Reynosa?

One of the characteristics that make this city eligible is that it is located on the border between the United States and Mexico. The president of ALPS Logistics Mexico, explained that “today the Mexican government is promoting the IMMEX program, therefore, this program offers advantages for manufacturing; manufacturing is our customer.”

A product with potential

ALPS is a specialist in the handling of electronic products, therefore most of its potential lies along the border, as it is there where the manufacturing clients, who have the IMMEX program, are located in the area of Bajio, automotive production and manufacturing continues to increase, then there are many current and future potential customers.

A future with firm step

The president of ALPS Logistics Mexico, spoke about how he visualizes the future for this company, and explained that, in the future, in ten years, they just began to expand its network in Mexico with its new branch in the Bajio, but in the future they will further extend its network to the west coast and the east coast of Mexico, in order to promote its role in management and export in Mexico; especially, now all the material to provide to Mexico imports it from the United States, but in the future they expect the products from the port of Altamira or the port of Veracruz.

The motivation for giving the best

It is interesting to know how a day is in ALPS Logistics, from the beginning of the day, to know how the process is, what employees do to provide the best service to their customers; “The management is always important, motivate our employees, provide a good service and a quick response, and especially motivate our employees to be clean, as well as to maintain good discipline in the warehouse; we motivate them to remain calm, since the operations are very precise, they handle very sensitive parts, that is the reason why we motivate our employees to maintain a good discipline in our industrial building.”

Mexico and its workforce

We asked the president of one of the companies who has more than 50 years of experience and a global presence, regarding their opinion regarding the Mexican workforce. I have commented that in Mexico they have found that the labor force is a very young generation, very educated, compared with another country; “I think the new generation is a young generation with a lot of potential, so I believe that in the medium and short term in all investments we can keep good employees in Mexico.”

Plans and projects

Most importantly, ALPS Logistics is confident in the recent operations of its group which this year is trying to expand its network, as well as trying to extend its services to other customers. “It is a big Project ... Yes, it is!” Said Armando Hamamoto.  In relation to their expansion plans for the plant located in Reynosa, he mentioned that they have some plans in mind for the future in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

IT and the company

Currently their IT is very important for their industrial technology, they have their own management system called ACCS (Alps Cargo Center System,) then ACCS warehouse system, specialize in warehouse cargo and also try to maintain an electrical delta interface for establish the EDI between the customer's system with its ACCS system reducing the time of operation to optimize and generate the invoice that corresponds to export or import.

What benefits does this provide to the company?

In logistics, it is a very complicated process, if EDI is established among the customers; every truck that works in the office can significantly reduce the time of documentation generation and total settlement, it is very important to reduce each process.

Currently in the Midwest of the United States automotive is very popular; on the other hand in Mexico, the central part of Mexico is a very important market for this company; therefore in the future they will promote a service between McAllen and Reynosa that is between the Midwest of the United States and the central portion of Mexico; hence it is very important to connect the Bajío and the Midwestern part of the United States to expand their network and meet the needs of its customers in the future. “Politically and economically, between the U.S. and Mexico we are trying to contribute to the relationship between both countries and I also believe that assembly logistics is very demanding between the part of the Midwest of the United States and the central area of ​​Mexico therefore this would be ours medium and long-term strategy,” Hamamoto said.