Albea is a company with more than 50 years in the international market of packages for cosmetics, a July 28th 1986 it settled its facilities in the city of Matamoros, it has 32 years of being in operation on the border entity.

“Our company Albea, mainly dedicates to the manufacturing of packaging for cosmetics, we manufacture mascara bottles and lipsticks, as well as the covers for lotions or perfumes, all this without the formula, only the container,” said Carlos Rubio Granado, vice-president of operations in Latin America and general manager of Albea Matamoros.

The company is located on a territorial extension of 12 thousand square feet and has 1,700 employees.  It has belong to 8 different corporates; the first one was part of Ankla Brochs, afterwards was Thomas Slich, Philips, More Industry, Tec Tap and finally the corporate Rio Tinto, who at the end sold the company to the Corporate Son Capital, consolidating the company as Albea.

99 % of the product made by Albea is exported to the United States, which is its main customer.

Albea also is a company working together with national suppliers, an example of that is the resin with which they elaborate the plastic containers, which is brought directly from its main regional supplier, which is located in the city of Madero, Tamaulipas.


Currently, the immersion of companies in adopting Industry 4.0 and make it part of their daily operations has turned into an important boom, for Albea the issue of industry 4.0 has been managed for a couple of years now, applying it in the automation processes of robots that operate in the manufacturing plant.

“For us the application of Industry 4.0 is a tool with which we have been working for a couple of year, at the moment we are focusing in the application of artificial intelligence as operative part,” said the vice-president of operations in Latin America and General manager of Albea Matamoros.

Engineers working for Albea, are developing artificial intelligence inside the company, incurring it in the informative part, this means, storing operations’ files in order for them remain saved and can be found easily, in turn daily information collected from the manufacturing of products made, is stored in machines they already have and that are the ones fulfilling the obtaining of the information.

Albea is the only company worldwide that manufactures big volumes of primary packaging, achieving producing about 300 million daily pieces.

Two are the processes used in the elaboration of primary packaging, one is through plastic injection and the other one is by injection by blow, this last one is the one used to make and shape the bottles, there is also machinery for the assembly and decoration.

“We are the only primary packaging supplier worldwide that has all services under the same roof, from molds design manufacturing and assembly equipment, we work for the main cosmetics brands worldwide, we elaborate packages for mascara, lipsticks, covers for creams and perfumes and everything regarding them,” said Carlos Rubio Granados.

Proudly 100 % Mexican human capital

Albea is one of the few maquilas operating in Matamoros with 100 % Mexican human capital, from the management, production operators, administrative personnel and of engineering.

Albea is a company centered in people, around half of a million to one million dollars, is what is invested in labor training of employees, with the objective of creating a safe and lasting labor environment.

The company creates a pleasant environment for employees by locating them in areas where they can achieve their maximum labor capability.  The company has a labor exchange system of practices with the rest of the branches, where personnel is precisely rotated aiming to them acquiring labor experience from the remaining branches and when they are back they implement them at the plant where they work.

Albea has more than 27 plants internationally, being the plant in Matamoros the largest of the corporate, followed by the branches in Italy and China; as well it is positioned in France, Brazil, Indonesia and the United States.

A company committed with society

Albea is a company committed not only with its personnel, but with the rest of the society, it has active community participation, it is involved with different Civil Associations to which it supports in many ways.

“We are part of different programs in which we support the community, among them are adopting a school, which we support in several activities and fulfill donations in kind, recently we supported them with the donation of computers and trained the children for them to learn how to use them, another program we have is the cleaning of the edge, together with the company’s employees, we went to the edge and cleaned, picked up the garbage, cut the grass and we even planted trees,” said Rubio Granados.