The Canadian company AZ Potosina Plastics settled in San Luis Potosi in 2005, the manufacturing of functional or of appearance pieces started with two double shot machines, and have a capability of 260 tons.

The growth of the company dedicated to high performance engineering molding plastics injection and decorative coverages has been such that currently at the 11,000 square meters plant are installed 19 automated machines, they have mills at machine foot and thermoregulators to keep processes with quality standards, and its production capability reaches 460 tons.

“We produce simple injection, co-injection and mold parts with inserts, we have treated to automate our machines, many of them have robot,” said Juan Pablo Guerra, commercial director AZ Potosina Plastics.

Resins with which they work for their customers from the automotive sector, home appliances and personal care are engineering plastics such as nylon, nylon with fiberglass, PBT, ABS, polypropylene and TPU, among others, as well as commercial alloys required by companies.

“Supplies are of local supply to have a better answer to our customers and appearance or functional pieces that we produce today are 1,350,000,” he shared.

Regarding the workforce, Juan Pablo Guerra said that they have 75 employees, to which create a sense of belonging since the first day they enter to work at the company, in addition, they receive continuous training, mainly, in the maintenance areas, quality and injection processes.

“It is a great moment for the Mexican workforce, they bought a lot from China, but I believe we are perfectly well qualified to make any kind of pieces, from plastic injections, to stamping, machining, among other things, the industry in Mexico has grown a lot,” he said.

AZ Potosina Plastics is a company certified in ISO 9001:208; guaranteed by the Agency for Quality and Environmental Certification (ACCM, by its Spanish initials,) with AIAG and on September this year they received the certification IATF 16949:2016.  In 2017 they increased the company’s sales in 35 percent, this year it increased 32 percent, in addition of its customers’ portfolio, and in 2019 they anticipate an increase of 40 %.

“The business division has changed, we are seeking that in 2019 we will have sales by 30 percent in home appliances, 30 percent in personal care and 30 percent in the automotive sector to grow our markets,” he said.

Finally, the commercial director of AZ Potosina Plastics said that they will be working to innovate in the finishes area, in addition of that they are thinking about settling the PBD plant, which is an ecological industrial building that will help them in the metal finishing in plastic coverage.

“We currently have availability for 30 machines, and a mirror copy in a future that could reach to the installation of 60 machines, project planned as of 2020,” he ended.