During 2018, Unipress Mexicana signed a collaboration agreement with students from CECYTEA high schools, aiming to continue training young students and thus benefit the students’ community and also the manufacturing industry.

After the good result achieved with the implementation of the Mexican Model of Dual Formation, there is anticipated that the first 15 students’ generation will graduate this 2019, they will be ending their medium high level studies under this scheme, in mechatronics, electromechanics, autotronics and industrial maintenance technical carriers.

The company located in San Francisco Industrial Park, in the municipality of San Francisco de los Romo, is dedicated to the manufacturing of radiator frames, rod assembly and rear seat centrals, awning reinforcement, board support and tubes for fuel filling for automotive line body work, young students develop activities that belong to the specialty they are studying under the principle of ‘learning by doing’ on a real environment of their profession.

Eduardo Ramirez Guzman, Administration manager at Unipress Mexicana in Aguascalientes, explained that having a student from CECYTEA in their team represents a great impulse for the company, since it refreshes and obligates the improvement of their development plans.

During the last years the Government of Aguascalientes has implemented in universities and now in high schools the Mexican Model of Dual Formation, which consists in a process that combines studies with a theoretical phase and another one in practice, this way students are trained through their participation on an associated company, where they use their knowledge learned in the classroom.

That is why the State continues to work to improve education in all school levels so that they can begin their work life better prepared and highly qualified.