Tokyo Boeki Techno-System de Mexico (TTSM) is an international company that offers and provides support to instruments as CMM’s of customized design (Layout Machine,) multi-articulated measurement arms (Vectoron,) Laser trackers and vision systems, among others.  “We are the main suppliers for Japanese companies in Mexico, we have 3D measurement equipment for quality laboratories, bodywork assembly inspection, and other products, we adapt to what the customer asks for,” said Hitoshi Iwashita, sales manager of TTSM. 


The company has a recent launching, the new version of high-end arm Vectoron® which offers highly accurate and of quality measurements, the model VMC-7000M (V7.)  “This model highly improved its design, providing a sense of lighter weight and improving portability and practicality.  We are also launching the best 3D inspection software: 3D-Magin Regalism®,” he added.  This arm has two measurement modes: with a scanner and with a point; in the first one, the uncertainty of measurement is of 60 microns while in point mode, of 40. 


The tridimensional articulated measurement continues to work with the best scanner in the market, the ApiScan® and different accessories can be offered in sensors, which allow measuring all kinds of shapes and surfaces, even bright ones. 


This technology is 100 % Japanese, in hardware as well as software is developed in the same place.  In addition, TTS corporate has facilities in Aguascalientes, therefore they provide comprehensive local support, very friendly and close, their engineers fulfill gauging services and of repair in customer’s facilities.


 Finally, this product is already in the market, there is one in the new Toyota Guanajuato plant and they are about to settle another two in Unipres Mexicana, Nissan supplier, these last ones have been used TTS technology since 1994 in Mexico.