Processes such as laser cut, bending, welding, router, cable screening and assembly for the automotive industry and of home appliances, is the main activity the company Corte Laser y Procesos (CLYP) has been performing for three years.


The industrial building of 800 square meters have four laser machines installed, which have different applications, the main ones are marked and cut for different materials, among them carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel.


“The growth has been quick, we have had to change to this larger warehouse, we started with one machine only, right now we have more and we offer other processes for the industry,” said Jordy Zuniga Flores, production manager of CLYP.


Most of the company suppliers are national, since they support the State supply chain, acquiring stainless steel and carbon steel.


“We buy other supplies in Monterrey and the plastic, we use for pieces we cut addressed to the automotive industry are brought from the United States,” said the production director of CLYP.


Currently, they are delivering among 2,000 to 3,000 pieces per month to its customers, same that are located in San Luis Potosi, Queretaro and Aguascalientes.


“Metal cut is what is a boom in the industry, there are basically two technologies: cut with fiber, its operation cost is low and finish is good; and CO2, has the best finish and precision,” he said.


The main aspects the San Luis Potosi company underlines are:

Quality: currently, they are in certification process in ISO 9001-2015, and they attach to the required documentation regarding quality processes such as dimensional, control plans, flowcharts, production registers to have good tracking.

Price: they manage the most competitive in the market.

Delivery time: quick in processes and work according to the needs required by the customer.

Workforce: their work team is trained to develop optimized and of quality products.

Machinery: they have the latest in laser technology, are of optic fiber of 3,000 watts with interchangeable tables, have autofocus and works with pinion and racks.

To close 2018, CLYP has two new future projects, the first one with TEKA company and the other with Waukesha.


“Never stop fighting, never stop struggling, because at the end there is nothing guaranteed, every project implies a risk and the winner will be the one that never gave up,” ended Jordy Zuniga Flores.