Nissin Manufactura de Mexico S.A. de C.V. globally highlights for being a comprehensive line company, since it is the only one in the group that fulfills all the processes that go from raw material transformation, to the final product and, in addition, they develop their own technology, manufacturing their machinery.


“We are a Japanese company established in San Luis Potosi in October 2012 and as of February 2015, it started operations.  We mainly produce engine and transmission parts for Japanese automobiles in the United States and here in Mexico,” said Takashi Hirano, general director of Nissin Manufacture de Mexico S.A. de C.V.


Their supplies come from Japan and the United States; however, they are working in the national relocation to work together with Mexican companies in new projects.


“Mexico has been a strategic place for the expansion to Chinese, American and Latin American markets.  We have highly qualified workforce, prepared and we are proud of arriving to San Luis Potosi,” said Vladimiro Portillo, director of Planning and Sales of Nissin Manufactura de Mexico S.A. de C.V. 


In order to manufacture their products, the Japanese company fulfills two kinds of processes, with steel: raw material is received as steel bar presentation, they are submitted to high temperatures until reaching red hot and go through a forge process, this means, where it is transformed from raw material to one piece, later they go through a machining process of mild steel and afterwards a thermal treatment where it obtains tempering and hardness, next to finishing machining where pieces receive a final touch and, finally to assembly process; with aluminum: they is received in ingots, is melted and injected in molds, then pieces are obtained that pass through machining and the final process is product assembly for customer sale.


“We spend more than half century as Tier 1 of automobiles manufacturing companies, I have the expectation that, using our strengths such as ‘monozukuri’ (manufacture) techniques and good quality in massive production, we can make our way, not only within the automotive industry, but also in other industries in Mexico.  We will do everything in the plant in Mexico for in a future, the different interested parties have the expectation of the existence of our company,” said Takashi Hirano.


The company located in Colinas de San Luis Industrial & Business Park, has 650 employees, which are part of different training programs, skills development and every need required for its growth and strength.


“We also encourage them with activities such as environmental care campaigns, sports promotion with the sponsorship of the local soccer team Atletico San Luis, health campaigns, we have a lactation room ‘Lacti-Nissin,’ among others,” said Vladimiro Portillo.


A new product for Nissan is projected for this 2018, the AVO transmission, in 2019 they will fulfill the RVS piston for Honda; regarding expansion issues they will have an increase of production in the Die Casting area, and the introduction of a second furnace in the thermal treatment area.