When talking about the integration of industrial robotics regards the development of engineering from process conceptualization, prototyping, design, simulation, manufacturing and installation of innovative systems with robots, aiming to automate all kind of industrial processes, job that for 17 years the company Target Robotics fulfills in San Luis Potosi.

“Our activity is automation with industrial robotics; our team is integrated by more than 100 engineers, which make us the largest integrator in Mexico and with more years of experience in robotics.  The state of San Luis Potosi is a market in permanent growth, there were no companies dedicated to automation with robotics in 2001, therefore we decided to establish our corporate base in the entity,” shared the director of Target Robotics.

50 % of the business is focused in the automotive and the other 50 % to the industry in general, therefore they create competitive solutions, with high technological and innovative content for the company leaders in the market that require to increase their productivity and the quality of its processes.

“Customers talk to us and announce its opportunity area, we analyze their manufacturing process, and we find the best solution, where the robot is part of the machine or is the central element of the information processing and of action and execution.  Afterwards, they to the design, simulation and prototype stage and, if tests are feasible, we will start the project,” he explained.

Regarding the Mexican workforce, Jose Luis Villalon explained that they have found great potential in young graduates from Mexican universities, due to that they highlight for their high level of knowledge in technology, software, design and calculation.

“At Target Robotics we are proud of being a Mexican company from San Luis Potosi that has shown the world that our young Mexican engineers are capable of developing a system and machinery, with high quality and are truly competitive within a global market,” he noted.

The industrial robotics has had an exponential increase in the last 8 years, Jose Luis Villalon said that there is a world trend towards robotization, since from 2015 to 2016 the number of robots sold worldwide increased in 20 %, from 2016 to 2017 it increased 31 % and is expected that from 2017 to 2018 robots global sales surpass 40 percent.

“The automotive industry has passed a density of 1,500 robots per every 10 thousand workers, unlike the industry in general which has a density of approximately 25 robots per every 10 thousand workers, our vision of robotics is that, the industry in general will reach automation levels similar to the ones lived by the automotive industry today,” he said.

Last year, Target Robotics received the award “FANUC Excellence Award 2017” for being one of the companies with the highest growth regarding robot units sold, they surpassed 50 robots per year, and this 2018 they anticipate closing with a sale of 100 robots, in addition, they are developing machinery that will be exported to the United States, same that solves 7 manufacturing processes in one single station.

“We are one of the few companies in Mexico certified by UL, also the entire machinery we manufacture is certified by ISO-13849 which is global and can be considered safe machinery in any part of the world,” ended Jose Luis Villalon.