Constellium is a leading company of the global sector that develops innovative and of added value aluminum products for the aerospace, automotive and packaging markets.


The company opened its first plant in Mexican territory, choosing San Luis Potosi because of the industrial dynamism it has, therefore an investment of about 10 million dollars was done on a property land of 5,000 square meters.


“This is strategic point, the automotive sector represents an important component for our growing plans, this plant is completely new and of maximum innovation, this is a key niche where we ambition to be leaders in the aluminum sector of the Mexican market and San Luis Potosi has been a referent, for a long time in the automotive sector worldwide,” shared Paul Warton, president of the Automotive Structures and Industry division in Constellium.


The facilities of Constellium Automotive Mexico will supply aluminum shock management systems and structural components to automobiles manufacturers, they have the last technology to shape, mechanize, weld and thermally treat aluminum components for automobiles, and in addition they have a last generation quality laboratory to guarantee that products fulfill the specifications requested by customers.


“Today’s celebration honors many months of commitment, hard work and cooperation spirit between Constellium and its multiple strategic partners, I am proud of all the work our team has performed to prepare the plant and the startup of the productions, we are grateful with them for their contributions,” said Octavio Martinez, manager of Constellium Automotive in Mexico.


The world-class firm, opened its new plant at the Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park, where the state official, Juan Manuel Carreras, Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development (SEDECO, by its Spanish initials) and the directives of the company have a tour to know the process and plant procedures.


At the opening ceremony, the head of SEDECO said that Constellium joins the 850 suppliers from the automotive sector located in the 300 kilometers around, and that supply the seven assembling plants located in the Bajio.


“We have to be a pushing state, with great results, it has to be noticed that the people of San Luis is different, that we know how to do things.  The growth San Luis has had has been three times more than the rest of Mexico, we grew 3.9 % in the third trimester last year, when Mexico only grew 1.3 %, this is thanks to the businessmen that are investing, but mainly, to the people that is working behind these companies,” said Gustavo Puente.


Meanwhile, Paul Warto said that the automotive industry expects more than 5 million vehicles to be assembled in Mexico in 2020, becoming one of the biggest markets in the production of automobiles.


“It is an exciting day for Constellium as we expand our presence in North America to serve our customers better and be part of the growing automotive industry in Mexico,” he said.


This plant will be in charge of serving the growing demand for light systems and of high resistance for the control of aluminum failures and automotive structures in the industry, which is in expansion.


“The San Luis Potosi plant is well positioned to serve different customers and provide advanced aluminum solutions as the industry trends towards electric vehicles increases,” said Paut Warto.


Aluminum continues to be the material of choice in the automotive Industry to make lighter, safer vehicles and to improve the performance of the electric ones.


Constellium develops high resistance alloys adapted to the performance requirements of the customers, it also designs, simulates, create prototypes and test advanced aluminum automotive components, including the crash management systems, components of body structure and battery boxes.


“There is an interest to decrease emissions, lower combustible consumption, that cars can stop automatically, park alone, a key is no longer needed, this development level in the automotive sector has never been matched as today, the participation and collaboration among suppliers, customers and experts from all disciplines is needed; support must be given to develop new technology that meet the customers’ needs as well as covers legislations, norms and regulations, solve what the market needs,” said the president of the Automotive Structures and Industry division in Constellium.


It is expected that by the end of the project’s first stage the plant has about 100 collaborators, for 2019 is planned to have an expansion and reach 13,000 m2, to be adapted to future needs of customers’ supply.