The value in exports of San Luis Potosi during 2018 amounted 15,178,105 million dollars, which equals a growth of 13 % regarding the year before, in which was recorded an amount of 13,360,588 million dollars, data announced by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, by its Spanish initials.)


It is important to say that from 2016 to the end of 2018, exports in the State have recorded a continuous increase.  In “016, the value of items sent abroad from the SLP entity reached 9,505,026 million dollars, which constitutes an increase of 59 percent.


During the first trimester of 2019, the SLP entity has exported about 3,679,396.0 million dollars.


Meanwhile, exports from Aguascalientes registered an increase during 2018 of 9,618,407 million dollars, which represented a growth of 23% compared with 2017, when it reached 7,830,019 million dollars.

During the first trimester 2019, the State of Aguascalientes has exported about 2,708,034.0 million dollars, therefore it is expected for this growth trend to continue and end the year with about 10,000,000 million dollars.



The institution reported that the most exported products during this 2019 from SLP are those related to transportation equipment manufacturing.  This sector contributed 33 % of the total value of exports in the entity, by amounting to 2,747,922 million dollars.  Followed by machinery and equipment manufacturing which amounted 188,595 dollars; the manufacturing of accessories, electric devices, and equipment for the generation of electric energy registered 184,808 thousand dollars and basic metallic industries contributed with 230,474 thousands of dollars.


Regarding Aguascalientes, transportation equipment exports is the product that contributes the most to the economic growth of the entity, during the first trimester of 2019 recorded an amount of 2,294,144 dollars, in second place the manufacturing of computing equipment, communication, measurement and other equipment, components and electronic accessories with 253,330 dollars and in third place of clothes contributing with 49,965 thousand dollars.