For ten years, SIMA Manufacture Systems produces assembly lines for companies supplying their products to the automotive sector, characterizing to implement forefront technology.


Moreover, they are allies in integration generating solutions in manufacturing processes from companies providing support in vision systems, machinery functionality, and systems for electric and mechanical signs transmission. 


“Along the way we have had success as well as difficulties, in fact, that makes us stronger to continue in this new period where we are seeking to be known and see we have a reliable potential for the development of their projects,” said Homero Nabor, operations manager SIMA.


Currently, the human capital is integrated by 25 employees, mostly young people, since it is important for the company to provide support to new talents aiming to develop their potential, innovation, and creativity.


“There was an automotive ‘boom’ of 10 years to date, I believe it has been an accompaniment the company has had, since we began operations there has been a lot of contact with this sector, I believe San Luis Potosi we have many youngsters with talent that can join this automotive chain,” said Berenice Meza, administrative manager of SIMA.


On a facility of 1,000 square meters, manufacture projects such as labeling device, pneumatic strap cutting machine, hydraulic press, tray washing machine, among others.  Regarding supply issues, the SLP company collaborates with local, national and international companies.


Some of the main customers of SIMA are Valeo, Maxion Wheels, Draxmaier, Toyoda Gosei, among others; these companies have requested assembly lines for those settled in San Luis Potosi and the Mexican Republic, as well as abroad.


“We are capable of making three production lines in a trimester period; our projects have the characteristic of being practically different, which distinguishes us, we make specific projects because we specialize on that, we provide our customers with solutions,” he ended.