Sligan Dispensing Systems started operations in May 2005 in San Luis Potosi, since then they have been dedicated to create solutions to provide products to some of the most emblematic brands worldwide; they manufacture body lotion dispensers, liquid soap, of fine mist and for fragrances.


“The 21,000 m2 industrial building, with a capability to be expanded the double, of American capital and our activity focuses to body and home care,” said David Ayala Rodriguez, manager of Silgan Dispensing, SLP Plt.


95 % of the products produced at the plant in SLP are exported to the United States, and the other 5 % to Mexico, South America and some countries in Europe and Asia, with an annual production of about 600 million dispensers.


“It is one of the largest and complex, with greater advances in lean manufacturing, since we have an organizational structure based in Business Units, where each Business Unit Manager is responsible for the purchase of its supplies, product planning, process and the maintenance of their machines and of course, of its production; we are the ones managing more volume globally, also it is where we elaborate more products variations,” the plant manager ended.


90 % of the raw material being used is plastic resin from the United States, being its main customers: Colgate, Unilever, J&J, SC&J, Neutrogena, P&G, L’Oreal, KAO, GOJO, YANBAL, among others.


“In order to offer our products to these markets we are certified in ISO 9000-2015, ISO 22716GMPc, and ISO 15378 which is for medical packaging, C-TPAT and NEEC,” said David Gerardo Ayala.


The values and principles by which the company rules are: customer focusing, a team, passion to improve, innovation and expertise, environmental care and team care and growth.


“We are working with the technical universities in the State, and we have different projects being adapted to each student curricula, today we have about 25 students working with us, in addition we are working in internal projects of energy consumption savings, green energy and water consumption savings; we also help the community and vulnerable groups,” said the Silgan Dispensing System, SLP Plt manager.


The machinery with which the company elaborates the products is highly automated, therefore soon they will be expanding their product “Core 2CC,” in addition they are about to obtain the first order of a new line of fragrances.