As an answer to the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico Novotech, product from Grupo Si Now intended to the industrial sector demanding spaces for their installation that average 1,000 square meters.


Currently, under this concept they offer the Novotech Apaseo Industrial Park, which has 83 property lands, of which 60 are already sold, as the director of the industrial sector of Grupo Si Now said, Jose Carlos Gonzalez Macias.


“Our properties are of one thousand square meters.  We are focused on SMEs market, Tier 4, logistics, whoever needs being closer to Bosch, near Amistad (Industrial Park,) of Tenneco, Toyota, we are a clear option,” he noted.


Presales cost in this location was of 899 MXN per square meter, as of this month it increased to 1,200 MXN.


With this development, the industrial area of Si Now adds nine industrial parks, which are settled in Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Queretaro.


“The advantage of this area is that we have 80 % of the market in the country, 70 % of the country’s industry is in the Bajio area, 70 % of the automotive industry, 60 % of the population in the country,” said the directive.


The objective in 4 years, added Gonzalez Macias, is being present in 32 States of the country, therefore they have 14 locations on sight, in the same number of States.


“This business model, called Novotech, has several table players.  60 % of my customers, who acquire a property here are mainly investors, a Mexican with the possibility of investing 5 million MXN and who instead of serving the residential sector, from this the industrial boom, is drawing his attention and seeks someone like us, seeks for Century 21 to provide that accompaniment and taking him by hand on an unknown industrial sector.”


Jose Carlos Gonzalez says that this product offers, for each invested peso, 12 % of annualized profitability.


Moreover, they offer finance schemes to acquire properties at a 6 % rate, as well as credits to build industrial buildings, which go from 9 to 10 % annual rates.  Regarding amenities, Novotech Apaseo has hydraulic concrete roads of 20 centimeters thickness, to receive trailers of up to 100 tons; electricity supply with 15 kVA of energy; 50 cubic meters of water per month, drainage, immediate property deed and excellent location.  Likewise, it has business center, meeting rooms and a hotel.


Grupo Si Now has placed 1,200 housing hectares in 22 projects nationwide and has developed 300 industrial hectares.


According to the Si Now general director, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Ochoa, in the next 48 months, the group will grow six times more.


“With a strategic plan called HIN 7,770.  I have a housing plan with 7 thousand sale signed contracts, Jose Carlos has the commitment of 700 industrial units per year and 70 industrial buildings built per year, we are downloading that plan to all company areas,” he shared.


Currently, Grupo Si Now has 2,000 collaborators.