Aguascalientes has stood out as one of the States that contributes the most to Mexico’s economic development, therefore, it has joined the Centro-Bajio Alliance in order to strengthen the area and it can benefit greater benefit to the country.

Thus, the United States – Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC) recognized the entity with the award “Good Neighbor,” which was received by Luis Ricardo Martinez Castaneda, secretary of Economic Development.

The ceremony was held in Washington D.C., where they highlighted the vision and commitment of Aguascalientes with mutual benefit relationships, as the participation of the entity within the regional cooperation mechanism that will consolidate the economic development towards industry 4.0 was also underlined and the diversification of productive activities.

“Be sure about the commitment we have a State Government to preserve the conditions of social stability and economic development since we are one of the main growth and competitiveness indicators nationally,” said the head of SEDEC.

This way, Luis Ricardo upheld during his speech that both nations must continue working together to promote mutually profitable commerce, in order to generate company investments, either joint commercial projects or specific for the two territories.

Finally, the “Good Neighbor” awards are granted every year to leaders from the public and private sectors for their actions in favor of the bilateral commerce benefit.


About the United States – Mexico Chamber of Commerce

It is an organization created by a group of distinguished American and Mexican businessmen in 1973, in Washington, D.C; being bilateral, it was founded aiming to promote commerce, investments and companies associations between the American and Mexican countries.