Nissha PMX Technologies started operations in January 2005, in the state of San Luis Potosi, with the activity of technology integration, in the part of plastic injection, plastic embossing and in decorative and electronic pieces, this was announced by the CEO of Nissha PMX Technologies, Fernando Ibarra.


He highlighted that the company generates 200 job sources, in addition that it is located in a 3,722 m2 surface; he explained that since the company started operation, the growth has been exponential, since only in the last three years the development of the company has increased 300 %.


“The constant for us is growth, this means that we have new platforms, new projects, new customers that we are launching, as well as the investment in the plant expansion, in technology and machinery” said Fernando Ibarra.


Regarding the product the company manufactures, CEO of Nissha PMX Technologies, informed that the company has three segments, the automotive, home appliances and warehouses systems administration; he underlined that from the manufactured products, 60 % are for the automotive sector and 35 % for home appliances.


For the manufacturing of the product, Fernando Ibarra, mentioned that Nissha PMX Technologies, supplies OEMs where they work together on the design of vehicles interiors, he detailed that in case of decorative technology they have been working for 6 years before with the same OEM’s, with the objective of defining the interiors part; he mentioned that once the design is defined, the tools manufacturing starts, this means the injection to manufacturing the piece, as well as the definition of the membrane, as of that moment they can reach 6 or 12 months to fulfill the development of the complete project, which goes from the business phase to the startup of the project where the customer accepts the product launching.


“When we talk about the automotive segment, we are one of the main molders in Mexico that manufactures components for the industry, such as the sunroof, connectors, fuel pump component, among other products,” said Fernando Ibarra.


Regarding its production he highlighted that in 2017, the annual sales reached 18.5 million dollars; he noted that 65 % of the manufactured product in the company is exported to countries such as the United States, Czech Republic, Germany, China and Canada, “we have had a very aggressive and strong growth regarding the technologies we are currently managed.”


Regarding suppliers, he detailed that 60 % is integrated by national companies, since its main item is resin, which is used in plastic injection, in second place the membrane or technology called IMD, which is provided from Japan and in third place is stamping, same that is purchased in the United States.


Regarding the plans the company has stands out the launching of a project focused in the home appliances segment, with the elaboration, decoration and paining of washing machine topknots, which will be of touch screen, same that will cost 10 million dollars in annual sales.


We launched about 25 injection molds, in addition of machinery of 100 to 800 tons to manufacture, paint, tapography and we send this to an integrator that places the electronics and from there it goes to exportation which is my client’s plant in Ohio, U.S.A.; then it is a very large project and very interesting for our company’s growth.”


It is important to mention that Nissha PMX Technologies has ISO AFT certifications, IMMEX and they are in the certification ISO 14,000, since for 2019 they will enter in the manufacturing of components for the medical industry.


“Definitely we have very interesting plans of growth and expansion in the company and we are very happy of all this growth and the benefit being generated for our workers as well as for the community in San Luis Potosi with the generation of more jobs,” ended Fernando Ibarra.