For 13 years Perfiles y Transportadores Bosch has dedicated to satisfy industry needs in San Luis Potosi, being BRL (Bosch RexrothLine) in the Bajio area.

“We are more than 25 people working for this company, we have changed facilities, acquire new technologies, updated many things because the industry is growing and we with it,” noted Jorge Sandoval, manager of Perfiles y Transportadores Bosch in San Luis Potosi.


To celebrate their anniversary the company held an ‘Open House’ to introduce the range of products they manufacture in the 700 square feet industrial building.

The main customers they have in the entity are Draexlmaier, Eaton Trucks, BMW Group Planta San Luis Potosi, BorgWarner, among others. 


Perfiles y Transportadores Bosch serves high industrial impact concepts such as ergonomics, recycling, esthetic, flexibility, adaptability, ecologic standards, among others.


“We sell structures on aluminum structural profiles, industrial accessories, transporters and we practically we offer our customers many customers, based on the leading brands we market such as Southworth, Doner, Ryson, Hytrol and mainly Bosch,” he shared.


Given the industrial growth the entity has had during the last few years, the company is working in update processes of new technologies, therefore they are implementing quality systems, acquiring more sophisticated machines to manufacture under quality standards their products and speedup their processes among other things.


“Lots of work is coming to San Luis Potosi, industry is growing and we have to grow with it and offer what the city needs regarding the industry,” ended Jorge Sandoval.