As part of the projects they have for the second stage of the six years period of Juan Manuel Carreras’s government, the secretary of Economic Development (SEDECO, by its Spanish initials) Gustavo Puente said that it is necessary trigger new issues in economic development matters, therefore they will be starting to promote the second great industrial belt in the State.


“84 % of the GDP is concentrated within the Metropolitan Area, we have half of the entity’s population living in the capital, the great challenge is how to have other development poles, in addition of the highway to Mexico, and take advantage to the north with the municipalities of Soledad, where a couple of parks are being built,” he said.


San Luis Potosi is one of the few States that has a higher potential in growing matters, being the task from the head of SEDECO, to locate the new companies that are deciding to arrive in San Luis Potosi in other areas, taking advantage of location, connection to other cities, and the closeness with the border, among others.


The Highlands of San Luis Potosi will be the second great belt within the development plans; the area has been trigger in the last two years in Matehuala, with the settlement of Draxlmaier, HFI and Grupo Ilusion.

Meanwhile the municipalities of Salinas and Venado, is planned to install an Industrial Park, aiming to offer new labor opportunities to the population.


In the Medium Region, mainly in Rio Verde and Ciudad Fernandez, a new location point was opened for the industry, due to its biggest advantage is that only in 45 minutes is located in the highway to Laredo, and with the arrival of Zoppas Industries of Mexico, it is planned to do a new companies corridor.


In the Huasteca Region, the agroindustry distribution will be promoted, and they will be working to make Ciudad Valles a meeting point to supply the country, thanks to the closeness with ports.