Levels of quality and delivery at 99.3 percent so far this year, is the model plant from Grupo Vehiculos Norte America, it has the “National Quality Award,” has been recognized as Great Place to Work for ten consecutive years, GPTW for Millennials and as Inclusive Company, those are some of the distinctions recognizing the automotive plant EATON Truck San Luis Potosi.


“The plant of the Potosi State has stood out worldwide, since we have won several prizes, we have been World Class Performance for four years, model plant for three years and I dare to say that we are within the Top Five of 340 plants worldwide,” said Francisco Javier Gomez Vazquez, manager of the EATON Truck San Luis Potosi plant.


The American company has as central purpose world-class manufacture in manual and automatic transmissions, clutches and fundamental components for class 8, 6 and 5 vehicles for its main customers: Freightliner and Navistar International.


“There are 80,000 HDT transmissions per business unit, we call it class 8, we will be producing 33,000 transmissions of Endurant, a project with completely new technology that was born in San Luis Potosi on September 2017, we will manufacture 300,000 clutches this 2018, we will manufacture 1.5 million machining parts,” he added.


95 percent of the product manufactured in San Luis Potosi is exported to the United States, its supplies come from around the world, but basically 60 percent is from the United States, South America and in a less percentage from Europe.


“It seems very simple, but it is very complicated, in PPMS from quality point of view, we are in about 200 PPMS a year and about one billion dollars has been sold,” added Francisco Javier Gomez Vazquez.


The plant located at the San Luis Potosi entity for 16 years has 462,000 square meters and 1,300 machines; it is certified in IATF, ISOTS-16949, C-TPAT, OEA, among others.


Regarding the issue of its personnel development, the plant manager said that they attract talent to be aligned into the EATON business system; they are trained for eight weeks with some training activities, in which they dedicate time to the new collaborators to transmit them what the company wants to achieve regarding safety, quality and production issues.


“After being ‘new hired’ they take a certification process, then to multi-skills and afterwards they are specialized, we have marvelous examples of people that came one day as ‘new hired’ and accomplished to report the division, we have granted scholarships for their development, mainly in engineering, English lessons, and we have exported an impressive amount of people to other plants here in Mexico and the United States.”


About their upcoming plans, EATON Truck San Luis Potosi is consolidating the Endurant project, additionally; they have other plans that will be developed with new technologies.