Announcing a Fourth Manufacturing Plant in Mexico


President and CEO of Grupo Minth, Jian Hui Shidio to know the company's next expansion plans in Aguascalientes, said that the vision of Minth companies goes together with the development of the automotive industry that is constantly growing.


Minth Group Limited announced the opening of a fourth Injection Manufacturing Plant for Plastics and Automotive Paint, as well as a Research, Design and Materials Development Center for its production in the Giant Industrial Park of Los Arellano, which represents an investment of 160 million dollars in the first stage of a global investment of 350 million dollars projected from 2018 to 2020.


With the opening of this fourth plant and the research center will have a regional impact as they will serve the shipping companies installed in Aguascalientes, and will be suppliers of other factories established in San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.


In turn, the jobs derived from this capital increase will be mostly for professionals, mainly engineers and researchers, who will provide service to Nissan, Renault, Daimler, BMW, Toyota, Honda and General Motors, thus fulfilling its word of promoting local businesses and talents.


In addition, the Chinese capital company maintains a line of work under a scheme of social responsibility, and proof of this is that they will put into operation a nursery for the children of its workers, as well as a sports center.


It should be noted that the Minth Group started operations in Aguascalientes in 2009, are suppliers to the Nissan Mexicana plant, and leaders in the global market for the manufacture of parts and finishes for automobiles with the elaboration of metallic parts through processes such as machining and bent.


Regarding the expansion plans, the president and CEO of the Minth Group concluded that the expansion and operation of its capital in Latin America represented a successful investment, so that, coupled with the excellent condition of job stability, it was decided to continue to prosper its investments and to advance which in the medium term includes the installation of a new paint injection plant and chrome table, which would be servicing several automotive companies, adding 800 employees to the current plan of 1,200 people.