Mexportools, a Portuguese company, works together with technological partners CIATEQ and CIDESI public research centers.


Mexportools resulted from the association of five Portuguese companies with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of high complexity and precision injection molds (Moldit, TJ Moldes, Ribermold, A.Silva Godinho and MoldWorld.)


Eduardo Malato, chief operations officer in Mexportools in San Luis Potosi, said “we have 16 technicians who trained in Portugal for six months; regarding machinery we have five machining centers, four electroerosionator, two screwworms, two presses, laser welding, coordinates machinery and two portable arms of seven-axis for measurement, which allow us manufacturing molds in Mexico.”


“On the other hand, we offer comprehensive solutions that cover from conceptualization, design, manufacturing, and services (changes in engineering, repairs, spare parts and maintenance.)”


Nuno Miguel de Abreu Pereira Da Silva, a member of the management council of Mexportools, assured that the commitment is to produce world-class molds for the entire Industry; the manufacturing process and training will be determining for San Luis Potosi stands out as a specialist in the production of this kind of supplies.


“Besides our proximity with customers, the fact of making an Alliance with two research centers that allow us making knowledge transfer, strengthen skills aiming to accelerate the learning process and development of the SLP entity and the Bajio.”


Jorge Roza de Oliveira, ambassador of the Portuguese Republic in Mexico, noted that Mexico is a country with favorable conditions for investment in all sectors and the SLP entity has grown at par, an example of that is Mexportools, which is a consortium of five Portuguese companies, which emerges as of an economic vision to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the industry growth.


“It is a Project that will generate job sources and will encourage research in this field, due to the involvement of Mexican Research Centers and State and Municipal Governments,” he said.


Luis Gerardo Trapaga, general director of CIATEQ, said that it is a pioneering initiative in the country, therefore it will be a national referent for the purpose of imports decrease, which contributes to technological independence from abroad, to well-paid jobs creation and the assimilation and transfer of knowledge.


Finally, Juan Manuel Carreras, governor of the State, thanked the confidence of the Portuguese group, from the association they made with San Luis Potosi to strengthen a growing market in the entire country which will be a new strength not only for the State but for the Bajio region.