Mexico positioned as an important actor of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Hannover Messe and as an attractive destination for investment


Each year about 220,000 guests gather in Germany, 6,500 exhibitors and more than 5.5 million business meeting are created.  On its 2018 edition was shown how digitalized production, the internet of things, integrated systems and smart solutions are changing the way business are produced and fulfilled.


Mexico was chosen as partner country of the 2018 edition, 110 Mexican companies participated and a national delegation of 1,500 people approximately, Mexico showed the world its strengths in Industry 4.0, industry supply, education, digitalization, energy, startups, logistics and technology among others.


According to ProMexico data, the estimated value of Industry 4.0 in Mexico is of 180 million dollars in Big Data, 201 million in collaborative robotics, and among 90 and 110 million in integrated systems.  It is estimated that for 2020, the market value of Industry 4.0 it will be of 8,000 million dollars.



ProMexico said that during its participation in Hannover Messe 2018, Mexico attracted seven investment projects of more than 700 million dollars.


Among them is underlined the announcement of Sanofi, company that will address an investment of 129 million dollars to the Estado de Mexico, of Bosch that will be investing 120 million dollars and Streit Groupe 15 million dollars – both in Guanajuato – and the Italian Fratelli Poli, that will address 1.23 million dollars in Aguascalientes.


Likewise, the Ministry of Economy (SE, by its Spanish initials reported that the 15 startups that were present in Germany had more than 250 business meetings with companies from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden, with an approximated potential of 4.87 million dollars in sales.


“Our country is positioning as an important actor in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it is a central player to bring the best of Mexico to the world and take the best of the world to Mexico,” said Paulo Carreno, general director of ProMexico.


Meanwhile, Mario Chacon, head of the Global Business Promotion Unit, said that Mexico is considered an advanced manufacturing center, in the automotive, aerospace, electric-electronic, ICT, pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the high technology medical, robotics and Internet of Things.


As Angela Merker, chancellor of Germany said, Mexico is the first commercial partner of Germany in Latin America: “the commercial volume increased to more than 20,000 million euros in 2017, what represents an increase of 24 percent.”

Germany is the third commercial partner of Mexico worldwide, only after the United States and China, and the first one among the members of the European Union.

According to data from the SE, from 2013 to 2017, the amount of German investment in Mexico added little more than 10,221 million dollars; this is, in the last five years a growth was registered of 21.6 percent.


SLP World referent at the Hannover Messe Fair


San Luis Potosi had a unique promotion opportunity at the Hannover Messe Fair in Germany to show the favorable conditions developed in the entity, for German investments as well as for other countries from around the world.

Robert Bosch Mexico Sistemas Automotrices announced that their plant located in San Luis Potosi will be expanding its production lines; they will be building a logistic center and a development center.

Meanwhile, Vesta SAP, will be investing 90 million dollars for the next five years in SLP, the real-estate corporation will be dedicated to consolidate the entity’s manufacturing growth.

San Luis Potosi has the fourth place nationwide with German capital projects, such as: BMW, Draexlmaier, Components Automotive de Mexico, Continental Automotive San Luis, Continental Tire de Mexico, Robert Bosch Mexico Sistemas Automotrices, Thyssen Krupp Bilstein Sasa and Quin Decor Mexico, same that together generate more than 16,500 formal job sources.

“We are one of the receptor States that already manage Industry 4.0, all companies working in this transition on the type of process; the impulse and support to develop this industry and strength it is one of the objectives that are being implemented to continue going forward,” said Gabriela Rivera, director of the Pro San Luis Agency.

Juan Manuel Careras, governor of San Luis Potosi, held business meetings with Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of ABB, company globally leader in robotic technology, industrial automation and electric networks, aiming for the German company expands its operations in San Luis Potosi.


“There are investments that they are immediately proposing for Mexico, I am talking about this year and the following, of course this summit was to raise our hand and show them what San Luis is offering to attract their investments,” said Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development (SEDECO, by its Spanish initials.)

Likewise, they had a meeting with Till Reuter, CEO from Kuka Augsburg, one of the main manufacturers of industrial robots and automated systems, with whom they talked about the entity’s strengths and the growth it has had in the last years, they addressed the transition of companies located in San Luis Potosi to industry 4.0, which are aimed to robotics systematization, machines and production systems and solutions in smart automation.

“They are already in San Luis Potosi with a small investment, since industry 4.0 has been growing almost 400 % in the last years and that is why it is important to have a sales point in San Luis to serve the Bajio with this growth potential,” Gustavo Puente said.

In addition, they met with the directives of Siemens, Ivan Pelayo, Executive VP of the Digital Factory & Process Industries and Drives Divisions and Alejandro Preinafalk Executive VP of the Energy Management, Building Technologies & Mobility Divisions.

San Luis Potosi has the second national place in home appliances manufacturing, third in no metallic mineral based products, seventh in basic metallic industries, tenth in the automotive and auto-parts sector, and eleventh in food industry.

Aguascalientes attracted new companies after Hannover Messe

At least five companies from the automotive and technology sector announced their settlement in Aguascalientes, what represents an approximate investment of 100 million dollars.


The State Governor, Martin Orozco Sandoval, announced that the first German company in join the entity’s growth is Allgaier-Group, which is dedicated to aluminum assembly, it will invest 15 million dollars and will have an industrial building of 10,000 square meters.


The second company is V1 industries, same that produces metallic pieces for the automotive industry, and it will occupy an area of 10,000 square meters and will generate 100 direct jobs.


Odelo Farba recognized for manufacturing electronic components and lights for luxury automobiles will also be located in Aguascalientes with an investment of 30 million pesos.


The Italian company of technologies, Fratelli Polli, agreed an alliance with Metalistik Company from Aguascalientes, thus contributing with an investment of 1.2 million dollars, which will generate about 200 new direct jobs.


The largest investment comes from a tractor company, which agreed to be kept in confidentiality subjected to FTA negotiations.  Such company is planning to occupy 10 hectares; it will have its own photovoltaic station and will be generating 2,500 jobs in the next 5 years.


On the other hand, the secretary of Economic Development, Ricardo Martinez, said that during the Fair were held 120 working meetings, among which was agreed through Baden-Wurttemberg International, a work tour planned for February next year, in which a commission of 20 businessmen and the economy minister of Germany, Angela Merkel, will be visiting Aguascalientes aiming to establish Daimler supply.


Moreover, companies such as Festo, Continental AG and companies from the aerospace sector and of technological development are observing Aguascalientes among their options to invest.