The Mexican company Mequimsa, of the industrial and services area for the automotive sector, has had good results during the first quarter of 2019 since they registered an installed capacity of almost 100 % on their plant working in a scenario of normal hours without extra hours.


“We are having a greater workload, which makes us very pleased because it is the moment of seeking expansion or growth of the operative structure,” said Oscar Gonzalez Alcantara, operations director at Mequimsa.


Based on their work, the company dedicated to the manufacturing of metal structures has seen reflected its current customers’ trust, since they continue to be part of their preference within the automotive field and this makes their production demand increases, therefore they are planning to expand to a new industrial building of approximately 5,000 square meters before the end of 2019 in order to continue providing quality in their services.


On the other hand, the director of operations said that they have a projection for an innovation plan, which consists in combining technology, alignment of processes and logistics to provide a comprehensive service to companies from the industrial sector, this will generate them more substantial service, reasonable and continuous, of about 25 % in their operating costs in that field.


“The plan was too ambitious since it is expensive, but also of a lot of commitment and operative strategy control, therefore we need to learn about the subject, and for that we are presenting the project to Sifia and SEDEC, to receive assistance; they are very interested as well as the customer, who is asking us to have it right away and present it to them,” said Oscar Gonzalez.


Finally, there has been an increase in human capital, during the first five months of the year about 20 people joined, this way for July it is planned to have 16 more workers, that means 25 % of job growth.