Banner Engineering de Mexico is a plant located in San Luis Potosi, dedicated to the manufacturing of lighting lamps and safety curtains to sell them worldwide, mainly to the United States and Mexico.


“This plant in Mexico was opened on February 2016; our products are mainly for industrial use.  About 16 thousand pieces are produced every month and an average of 180 thousand pieces per year,” said Fernando Gonzalez, plant manager of Banner Engineering de Mexico.


The corporate is located in Minneapolis, United States.  Worldwide it has 5 plants: in the United States, two in Dakota and one in Minneapolis, one in China and the plant in Mexico.


“The workforce quality of the people of San Luis Potosi is very good; they are dedicated and perform their work with quality.  100 % of our pieces are exported, some products return to our distributed in Monterrey, from there we supply our Mexican customers,” he said.


The supplies of Banner Engineering de Mexico mainly come from the United States and of China, therefore this year they will be working to develop Mexican suppliers.


“For example: in case of the aluminum, which is our main product, soon we will be starting the supply from a supplier located in Mexico City,” said Fernando Gonzalez.


90 % of the workforce is integrated by women.  Banner is committed with the development of human talent therefore they teach training courses.


“Our processes are more meticulous and we have found in women a great potential.  At the beginning, the company started with eight woman collaborators, and two years after being operating we have reached 42 as part of the first stage with a growing forecast around 200,” said the Plant manager of Banner Engineering de Mexico.


Currently the industrial building has an area of 3,000 m2; however, in the future it could be expanded to 6,000 m2.  This year two lines of safety curtains will be launched and it is being studied sensors lines in a near future.


“When a company and working station is well lighted it contributes to a better productivity, quality and safety for the operator,” he ended.