Producing electronic components for the automotive Industry and office equipment


TAXAN opened its new plant in the state of San Luis Potosi, the Japanese company will produce electronic components for the automotive industry and office equipment; the new plant is located in the Logistik Industrial Park first section and it is part of the KAGA ELECTRONICS group.


The opening event was attended by Ryoichi Kado, president and director of KAGA ELECTRONICS; Takayuki Tsurumi, president of TAXAN Mexico; June Onishi, vice-president of North American Lightning; Shintaro Kakel, director of KAGA ELECTRONICS; Kai Nagata, general manager assistance of North American Lightning; Hideyuki Arakane, manager of TAXAN Mexico; Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development of SLP; Juan Gabriel Solis, mayor of Villa de Reyes SLP and Emilio de Jesus Ramirez, union leader of CTM SLP.


On his speech Hideyuki Arakane, manager of TAXAN Mexico, said that since October 14 2016 the company decided to install a new company where they could be near their customers, in addition of being the first one in Mexico and America.


He noted that the company is focused in being supplier of the automotive companies since they manufacture and assembly electronic components; he said that by installing a new plant in San Luis Potosi is because the State has a very important logistic sector and this will allow having a good relation with their customers.


He explained that the company will be investing about 25 million dollars until 2019 and will generate more than 200 direct jobs; the company is present in more than 13 countries around the world since it belongs to the KAGA ELECTRONIC groups, same that will generate more than five thousand jobs worldwide.  “We will strive to provide a better quality to our customers in order to grow as a company,” Hideyuki Arakane underlined.


Regarding the workforce, he mentioned that they have very young and enthusiastic personnel and seek as an objective that the company be an integrator and positively execute with precision the best of Japan and take advantage of all the positive energy to reach all its objectives.


While Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development in SLP, thanked the confidence of Japanese investors to establish the new plant in San Luis Potosi; and detailed that the State is located between the first entities with 5.5 percent of economic growth exceeding the national average.

“With these new investments, the States continues consolidating, in being an investment pole, in addition of the entity’s economic development grows and consolidates even more with the presence of companies from different parts of the world,” said Gustavo Puente.


At the same time, the mayor of Villa de Reyes SLP, Juan Gabriel Solis noted that with the arrival of companies into the municipality, it consolidates even more as a determinant entity for the State, since the population living in such location benefits from the generation of new job sources.


“Villa de Reyes is consolidating as a municipality that generates opportunities with the arrival of new companies, this makes youngsters having a secure and well paid job,” ended Juan Gabriel Solis.