An issue that concerns the human resources area of most companies is personnel turnover.  The voluntary unionized turnover percentage in the Bajio area is in 5.72 % and in San Luis Potosi voluntary turnover of unionized workers is of 4.9 percent.


The main reasons of voluntary turnover in the SLP entity are wages, benefits, professional growth, nonconformity with labor environment, the remoteness of the work place and little flexibility in schedules, among others.


In San Luis Potosi unionized workers voluntary turnover has increased more than twice in the last 5 years, going from 2.1 % in 2012 to 4.9 % in 2018 (average to May in the current year,) due to the high demand of workforce and to the increase in finding job opportunities.


As result of this, companies have implemented retention techniques, a good strategy is fundamental for companies achieving their objectives.  For example, economic or resting incentives, among them: personal and production bonus, increase in benefits based in seniority and, permits from complying attendance and punctuality.


Another technique is the implementation of internal health campaigns offering vaccines or nutritional orientation, or other relevant and useful topics for employees.  In addition, some companies have implemented the academic scholarship program for collaborators or their children.


On the other hand, some companies in San Luis Potosi are working in reclassification, which consist in voiding the first category and, in this case, new employees start with higher wages and level.


Addition as retention technique is recommended to implement extracurricular activities, for example: sports tournaments or group activities outside work to promote integration and a positive work environment.


People seeking for a professional growth and better job opportunities are motivated, active and play a fundamental role inside the company, it is important to have this profile type.


To keep them inside their workforce, it is important showing them appreciation and value their work, constant encouragement and having a good internal communication strategy to transmit employees the goals, company’s objectives and their role inside them, creating a shared corporate identity.


Interested in the most valuable asset of the company, human capital in Mexcentrix we focus in hiring qualified and talented personnel, we significantly invest in the collaborator’s development.


Inside the human resources area, we are responsible of the selection and recruitment process of your company, of payroll management, personnel management, IMSS, SAR, Infonavit, and FONACOT management, of defining compensation strategies, coordination and training support, company orientation in the fulfillment of laws and regulations, coordination of general services such as transportation, cleaning and safety, personnel integration events organization, among others.