The installation of the German company Continental in Aguascalientes was announced, with an investment of 1,600 million pesos, which will generate one thousand new jobs of high added value with competitive wages, on its first five years of operations.

Ned Reckamp, vice-president of North America Supply Chain Management of Continental, underlined the quality of the technicians and specialists in Aguascalientes and recognized that Mexico has become a key country for the world automotive industry, for manufacturers as well as for suppliers, thanks to the level of existing innovation and talent, therefore this will be the sixth plant of automotive central electronics of North America.

At the presentation, Carlos Huerta Garcia, manager of the Periferico plant of Continental in Guadalajara, said that the industrial building in Aguascalientes will be located at the FINSA Industrial Park and will start its construction in 2019 and its operations in 2020, it also will have 8,000 square meters of productive areas and will have the highest environmental standards of wastes management, use solar light and materials recycling.

“The most important thing for Continental is the people and their environment, that is why the plant will be designed under a system of open spaces, which allows the interaction, communication and exchange of ideas among its collaborators, promoting thus creativity; in addition it will have a dinner, cafeteria, recreation area, green areas, among other things,” added Carlos Huerta.  On the other hand, Martin Orozco Sandoval, governor of Aguascalientes, said that the investment settled by Continental in the entity will be the most important in Mexico, regarding employment and sales, as it will produce modules of smart antennas, lighting control units, testing control units and automation systems that combine interactive technology to guarantee drivers safety.