9 million dollars were invested in the project


The German company BMW Group SLP opened its BMW Training Center, which invested more than 9 million dollars, where the project is located in a space of 6 thousand square meters and will host a total of 11 workshops created for the implementation of the training programs, same that will receive the apprentices from the Universidad Tecnologica de San Luis Potosi, CONALEP and CEDVA.


At the new company’s building event were present Hermann Bohrer, CEO of BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi; Milagros Caina-Andree, member of the Administrative Council of BMW AG and responsible of human resources; Juan Manuel Carreras, governor of San Luis Potosi; Enrique Cabrero, general director of CONACYT; Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development in SLP; Jose Luis Moran, general director of COPOCYT and Manuel Lozano Nieto, secretary of Labor and Social Security in SLP.


At his intervention, CEO at BMW Group SLP plant, Hermann Bohrer said that for the company’s global network, San Luis Potosi represents an strategic position and a commitment with Mexico, since the most modern and flexible plant of the group is being built.


He indicated that with the Training Center, which is designed to maximize the employees performance, has as an objective to increase the level of enthusiasm and collaboration mentality as a team, where all will be part of the training programs including workshops of Technological Production, Automotive Technology, Electricity and Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Metalworking, Robotics, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller,) Paint and IT.


He mentioned that the Training Center will incorporate a space for the development of skills, an area to transform employees in lean manufacturing experts, an area to promote leadership and in addition of classrooms for non-technical training, including language learning.


“The Training Center is the place where science and practice combine to motivate employees through modern technology and using recent innovations from Production Network,” said Hermann Bohrer.


On the other hand Milagros Caina-Andree, member of the Administrative Council BMW AG and human resources responsible, mentioned that the project represents a relevant importance for the company’s global network, since it will be of the most modern and flexible, and it could answer the market needs, together with the training of more than 1,500 associates, for that 20 million dollars will be applied in the future for training.

“Through our new Training Center and suitable infrastructure we will train our personnel with the highest standards on innovation and technology,” ended Milagros Caina-Andree.