Aerospace Industry sees the State as a strategic point to establish its operations branch.


Erwin Halder German Company dedicated to the manufacture of different aeronautic products and specialized tools, is analyzing the possibility of installing its service and distribution office in Aguascalientes, since it is a State strategically located in the central area of the country.


The aforementioned was announced after the sales director of the German company, Bernd Janner, held a meeting with the secretary of Economic Development, Alberto Aldape Barrios, where were presented the strategic advantages of setting the operations office in Aguascalientes, since in addition of having a privileged geographic position, it has efficient communication routes that allow connecting with different suppliers and clients.


Likewise, the head of the office rectified the commitment of the current administration for the attraction and growth of companies, with which commits to offer suitable conditions.


According to Janner, the state of Aguascalientes is within its main options to settle the first Erwin Halder branch in the country.  The German company has offices in the United States, South Korea, France and Japan.


Erwin Halder is a company constantly growing and innovating, which reflects in its 75 years of history.  In addition of providing different components for the aerospace industry, the German Engineering company also dedicates to the production of modular assemblies and they assure their quality is not only on the unprocessed products, but they also offer a wide range of after-sales services.


Also, the German company, has a high standards, since its signature has positioned them for more than seven decades on the market, has been “Made in Germany” which they assumed as a continuous commitment and at the same time as challenge to continue at forefront.


On the other hand, the aerospace industry starts to figure as a constant in the new investments arriving to the State, in addition of automotive assemblers which together have been a trigger for the industrial explosion seen in the area, to a point in which Aguascalientes positions itself as an attractive place for more companies interested in settle in the country.


The meeting was held in the facilities of the Ministry of Economic Development and it is expected briefly that the resolution is made by the company, therefore talks and negotiations continue by the head of the office, as part of its constant efforts for the attraction of new companies to the State.