It will generate 80 job sources in the Entity


The company ProAutomation opened its new facilities in the Industrial Park Logistik II, which is located in the municipality of Villa de Reyes, in San Luis Potosi; The company is 100 % Mexican and is originally from the State of Sonora, and seeks to have an approach with companies in the Bajio Zone.


At the inauguration event, ProAutomation CEO Daniel Beltran said the company is focused on the automotive industry and offers robotic control automation services for OEMs or Tier 1 companies; and expects to start operations by 2018.


He mentioned that installing the company in San Luis Potosi is because they are seeing a potential and a strong market niche in the Bajio Zone. “We are betting on San Luis Potosi, because of its excellent location and the ability to establish an industrial building, where we can have the integration of assembly cells and then later transfer and install them in the OEM factories of the Tier1, which are in the Zona del Bajío,” said Daniel Beltran.


He informed that the company will generate 80 sources of employment, and assured that as the company grows, it will double the workforce since among the projects of the company it emphasizes working with state universities, where they can develop human capital; “we will work with universities because we have the confidence that the people we hire will have the training, experience and ability to carry out projects with the quality and efficiency we need,” said the CEO of ProAutomation.


For his part, the director of operations of ProAutomation, Mark Marchand; emphasized that the company from Sonora has both national and international coverage with projects in Canada, Thailand, Colombia, India and South Africa; said that among its clients are companies such as BMW, Ford, BTM Corporation, MARTINREA, Amcor, Osirius, among others.


He commented that San Luis Potosi in Mexico is an area of positioning with growth and future possibilities for the company. “The opening of our company here in the State is because we see that it is a strategic point for our planning in the short and medium term, which will strengthen and scale us to another level in the future for the execution of projects and for our own growth as a company,” said Mark Marchand.


In turn, the municipal president of Villa de Reyes, Juan Gabriel Solis said that with the arrival of the ProAutomationven company to further strengthen industrial development for the municipality, which remains attractive for investments that are to be consolidated for the State; said that it is about to set up a company in the automotive sector, which is still in final talks to settle in the town.