With an annual production of 800,000 pieces, that amount 1.5 million pounds of copper, Challenger Fabrication & Distribution de Mexico operates in San Luis Potosi since 2009, its founders are Roy Allen, president and Abimael Padilla, vice-president.

They manufacture products serially and bus bar parts (connectors for the electric industry,) which directly or indirectly, are exported to the United States, Puerto Rico, Central America and South America.  In addition, they develop customized projects required by its ABB customers, Cummins, Eaton, Rockwell, among others.

“We settled in San Luis Potosi because it is located at the center of the country, what give us a competitive advantage in logistics terms, in addition that our main customers are located in this State, therefore products deliveries are in short time,” said Alejandro Hernandez, general manager of Challenger.

The American capital company is settled in about 3,000 square meters, it has 50 workers, have 45 machines and their suppliers are from Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Peru and Germany.

Likely, Challenger Fabrication & Distribution de Mexico is certified in ISO 9001-2015 and in 2018 they won the “National Labor Award.”

“The quality of our products has allowed Challenger having access to global markets through programs that customers have in other companies around the world.  Besides San Luis Potosi we have another plant in Puerto Rico and in Pennsylvania, United States,” he shared.

Regarding workforce, Alejandro Hernandez said that it is good, specialized, experienced and easy learning, what allows potentiate and develop human capital in Challenger.

“First we identify their potential and skills, this way we design a work plan, a career for them, which allow them to grow, either in different modules, rotate in other areas or processes and advance,” he said.

Finally, the general manager said that this 2019 Challenger Fabrication & Distribution de Mexico will be developing new projects with Siemens and Cummins.

“The phrase we transmit to people is: Everything is possible.  Our goal in Challenger de Mexico is clear, be the number one company in our sector nationally and have global impact,” he ended.