Equipped with world-class technology, seeks developing technical skills for the professional and human growth of Continental employees in the region.

Inside the facilitates of the San Luis Potosi Plant, Continental Automotive, the first Continental Training Center (CTC) was built in seven months, in an area of 280 square meters that will have driving simulators (unique in the world which makes users aware of the product quality, from its manufacture to its launching in the market,) pneumatic simulators, tables for electronic courses, numeric control simulators, robots, control cabinets, training classrooms, as well as collaborative spaces focused in quality issues and personnel development.

This equipment will be focused in technical skills development, such as pneumatic, electronics, hydraulic, robotics, automation among others; likewise, there will be the use of space to develop human skills, in quality and leadership of collaborators.

The project, about 12 million pesos of investment, will generate a comprehensive training plan for all employee’s growth, aimed to specialize them in technologies with which the company manufactures their products and the market demands.

“The automotive industry is facing one of its main changes on their more than 100 years of history and to face those upcoming challenges human talent is key and fundamental,” said Juan de Dios Pina, human relations manager of the plant from Continental Automotive in San Luis Potosi.

For the technology company Continental, the most important thing is the personal as well as professional development of its collaborators, therefore this center will be a talent seedbed where competences will be generated and increased required by the German company to continue molding future mobility.

It was designed in classrooms and collaborative spaces, which will help developing human skills, of leadership and also of quality what turns it in a comprehensive development space.

“Within two years we are one of the most attractive and progressive employers in the region, since additionally to this center the plant offers flexible work schedules, motivational high impact areas, cultural activities, sports, we have a spa, a gym and have an excellent work environment,” said Juan de Dios Pina.

The Continental Training Center focuses mainly in maintenance and quality technicians, it divides in five levels: A, B, C, D and Conti Top, it lasts 20 months and at the end of training, the employee has the opportunity of applying to obtain an internal promotion.

“They provide training in basic mathematics, basic statistics to specialized issues such as PLC, automation, programming, CNC, depending on our processes.  As our groups advance, human skills are reduced and technical abilities are increased, aiming to that at the last level people continues receiving knowledge in quality issues in product processes which are brakes,” explained the human relations manager.

On a first stage, CTC only will be for employees from the plant San Luis, on a second stage, they will be working with sister plants, starting by the one located in Silao, Guanajuato.

On the other hand, Alonso Schiaffino, general manager of Continental Automotive San Luis Potosi, explained that the automotive industry is continuously evolving, future mobility trends, as well as self-driving, electrification and connectivity demands the German company technology and means to be at forefront.

“We can have the best technology, the best machines, but without the skills and capabilities of people, these technological progress does not help us, that is why Continental Automotive San Luis Potosi has created this Training Center seeking to develop the same talents of our people,” he added.

The opening event was presided by authorities from the Government of San Luis Potosi, as well as personalities of Continental worldwide.

Juan Manuel Carreras, governor of the State, congratulated directives and personnel from Continental, not only for their contribution to the development of the entity of SLP with the launching of forefront technology through their training center, but also for being at forefront with the award “Perfect Launch,” for providing a quality and timely service to its customers.

“When working in Continental, people learn values, teamwork and overcome themselves, understanding that the most important thing, above technification, are always workers,” he noted.

Currently, the company dedicates hydraulic brakes systems production and turbo chargers for the automotive industry of the region, it has a workforce of about 350 employees and closed 2018 with a production of 1,000,000 pieces of caliper product (piece of break system.)