ContiTech Fluid Mexicana plant arrives to SLP

The German company has eight plants in the State


ContiTech Mobile Fluid Mexicana was opened in the State of San Luis Potosi; it produces air induction systems for turbocharged engines. The new plant is part of the Consorcio Continental Corporation, and is one of the largest suppliers of the automotive industry in the world.


The opening of the new German company, was attended by Andreas Heinzen, manager of the Mobile ContiTech Fluid Mexicana SLP Plant; Shane Stradinger, head of PMS AIS North America; Florian Fauth, head of the business unit of MFS North America; Marco Galluzzi, vice-president of Human Affairs at Continental Mexico; Stefan Hoheisel, head of PMS AIS; Gustavo Puente, Secretary of Economic Development of SLP and Emilio de Jesus Ramirez, union leader of the CTM in SLP.


In his speech, Andreas Heinzen, manager of the ContiTech Mobile Fluid Mexicana SLP Plant, said that since they began planning the construction of the new plant it was a great opportunity for Continental, but also a great challenge, since in 2016 they only had three people with whom they began to establish the foundations and adopt the values of the company.


He informed that with the new ContiTech Mobile Fluid Mexicana SLP plant they will produce very innovative products, air induction systems, with the objective of increasing the efficiency of the engine of the new vehicles with turbochargers, from the different assemblers, in addition to reducing the fuel consumption and generate a better environment through the reduction of emissions.


He indicated that the production will be fully automated, will have a blow molding in 3D, where they will ensure high efficiency, will have more quality in the assembly lines of its latest generation and will be designed under the latest ergonomic standards; pointed out that they will produce around 20 thousand pieces per week.


“This new production plant will strengthen our position in the market as the world's largest manufacturer of turbocharged engine systems,” said Andreas Heinzen.


He also said that installing a new plant in San Luis Potosi is due to the fact that Continental already has a long and successful history in the State, since this new company will be the number 8 in production; he said that they will be generating 160 jobs by the end of 2017, and expect that by the end of 2018 they will reach the 220 sources of employment, “Continental has a very good reputation in the automotive industry, as a quality company, and that is why we will have a workforce that we already know because we know that in San Luis Potosi, there is a capable workforce of high quality,” Andreas Heinzen said.


Stefan Hoheisel, head of PMS AIS, informed that with the new forefront facilities of ContiTech Mobile Fluid Mexicana SLP, Continental has added in the map of technical competences, of production and sales competencies to its clients in North and South America.


“Together with our existing facilities in the region, we have an excellent scenario to provide services to our customer base with mobile fluid handling solutions,” said Stefan Hoheisel.


He noted that Continental and ContiTech in San Luis Potosi has been an important employer in the State, and reiterated his commitment to continue generating benefits for the new jobs that will be generated. “As a corporation, we have become an important employer here and we are pleased to start another new chapter of forefront technology for the automotive industry,” said Stefan Hoheisel.


About Continental


Continental develops smart technologies, in addition to being pioneers for sustainable mobility, connecting people. Founded in 1871, the company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines and transportation.


The German company is a trusted partner, as it is the international supplier of the automotive industry, offering sustainable, safe, comfortable, customized and accessible solutions. The Continental Group has five divisions: Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tires and ContiTech, which reached a turnover of 40,500 billion Euros in 2016 and currently generate 220,000 jobs in 56 countries.


Since 1977 Continental has a presence in the state of San Luis Potosi, has 8 plants and a Financial Center installed in the State, generating about 3,600 jobs in both areas of manufacturing, and in design and development of new products.


ContinentalContitech Mobile Fluid Systems


As a division of Continental Corporation, ContiTech is one of the leading industrial specialists in the world. Among its clients are important industries, such as machine and plant engineering, mining, agricultural industry and automotive industry. With about 46,000 employees in 44 countries, the company uses its development knowledge and materials for products and systems made of rubber, polyamide, metal, textile and electronic components to combine them into individual services. ContiTech generated sales of approximately 5,500 million euros in 2016 alone, in addition to being an international technology partner fulfilling activities through its central branches, which are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America.