The company will be supplying Daimler and Volkswagen in Mexico


In the state of San Luis Potosí, was opened the German company BOGE Rubber & Plastics Mexico, same that is located in the Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park; the company is focused on the automotive sector and will be supplier of the Daimler and Volkswagen assemblers, which are already in Mexico.


At the event was the CEO of the BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group, Torsten Bremer; the Director of BOGE Rubber & Plastics Mexico, Marcus Kattwinkel; the Governor of San Luis Potosi, Juan Manuel Carreras Lopez; the Secretary of Economic Development in SLP, Gustavo Puente Orozco; the General Secretary of the CTM Union, Emilio de Jesus Ramirez Guerrero, among others.


The roots of today´s BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group date back to 1931, when the German Alfred Boge founded the company, producing rubber-to-metal parts, which isstill today´s core business. BOGE Group is a firm leader in its segment of automotive parts for the vast majority of the Global OEM companies.  


BOGE Group has 11 plants worldwide, the headquarter is in Damme(Germany). Further plants are inSimmern and Bonn (Gemany); as well as in Fontenay(France), Trnava(Slovakia), Sorocaba (Brazil), Dingley (Australia), Hebron (U.S.A.), Qingpu and Zhuzhou, both in China and the newest in San Luis Potosi, (Mexico).


BOGE Group generates about 4 thousand jobs in the world; creating a total sale of 763 million Euros in 2016.  BOGE was purchased by TMT, a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) in 2014. CRRC employs more than 180,000 people work in the world.


BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group supplies most of the Automotive Groups as Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Renault Nissan, Volvo, as well as the heavy truck industry.


Marcus Kattwinkel, director of BOGERubber& Plastics Mexico, said that the company arrived in 2016 to San Luis Potosi, with an approximate investment of 12 million USD; he mentioned that the new plant has a surface of 5,700 m2with optional expansion in the future.


He noted that BOGE Rubber & Plastics Mexico already has three production lines, for products such as NVH Chassis, NVH Powertrain andPlastics “Lightweight Construction”;pieces elaborated with rubber-to-metal and plastic injection.

He mentioned that BOGE has been present in the NAFTA region since 1994 with a plant in Hebron, Kentucky. With the growth of the Automotive Industry in Mexico, global companies as BOGE, today need to be present in this market.


BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group decided to open its first plant in Mexico in San Luis Potosi, with its excellent geographic location and proximity to the main customers.


So far the supplies are meant for Mexican Customers, OEMs as well as Tier1’s.


He informed that among its initial customers are Daimler in Aguascalientes and Volkswagen in Guanajuato.


“These are our two initial customers, but the plant has space to produce more and we are actively looking for expanding the customer base.” said Marcus Kattwinkel.


Regarding the suppliers with which the company will be counting on, Marcus Kattwinkel said that the objective is to maximize the local content, having achieved 50% of the materials such as the rubber compoundwith a Mexican supplier and for the metal parts(aluminum and steel),they have 3 Mexican suppliers; but he assured that the objective is to develop more local suppliers.


Marcus Kattwinkel referred that regarding the workforce they expect that for the second quarter 2018, the company will ramp up serial production, and within 3 to 4 years, they will be creating about 150 to 200 jobs.


“We will have many specialists for our processes and for the implementation of the systems.In addition to having great support for the start-up and the growth of this plant, our people, operators as well as the hired engineers and technicians were sent to other plants for the training in our processes,” underlined the director of BOGE Rubber & Plastics Mexico.


“Our business is growing worldwide.  Our global presence allows us to provide a quick response to market changes.  The local presence and direct communication with customers in Mexico allows us to providecustomized solutions” said Marcus Kattwinkel.