Due to the continuous progress within technology, companies require updating their tools to improve their production processes and this way provide a better service to their customers.


This is why the Spanish company C-tec Automation Mexico dedicated to industrial equipment automation, mainly automotive, invested in training their collaborators for them to improve their studies aiming for them to apply them in the procedures they develop.


“Within the automation world, specialization and certification is very important because it shows the difference between a person knowing the equipment very well and another one with empiric knowledge,” said Carlos Alfonso Martinez manager of C-tec Automation Mexico.


The course taken by about 15 engineers was of advanced programming in Fanuc Mexico facilities, which is the highest in robots programming, it lasted five days with a total of 40 hours, in which they reinforced their knowledge, learn new software procedures and work with other tools, in order to speed the work and have a satisfying result for their customers.


“What we liked about this course is that the teacher that taught us the course knew how to adapt to us, since we came with certain knowledge, we already had the basics, and these robots work for many things then she applied the automated subject more,” said Miguel Angel Bel Almenar robotics responsible in C-tec Automation Mexico.


On the other hand, this 2019 the company will be announcing some projects in which they will be working together with Nissan and Compas in Mexico, while they will be collaborating with Land Rover and Ford in Europe.


Finally, such company arrived in Aguascalientes to collaborate in the V177 model, better known as Class A of Mercedes Benz, which is manufactured in Compas.  As result of the good work done in the entity, they are currently Nissan and Daimler suppliers.