Bosch began operations in Aguascalientes in 2004, due to it was one of the most geographically strategic points to have greater proximity to their customers.


At the plant located in Aguascalientes, are the first ones in manufacturing automated brakes “iBooster Generacion 2,” which began to industrialize in 2018; in addition, brake anti-lock systems are manufactured (ABS G9) and stability systems (ESP,) which were invented by Bosch since the ’70s, these products have achieved their main objective which is saving an infinity of lives in roads.


“We have conventional brakes which are the ones used since the ’70s and they are still valid because it is a very reliable system, regarding mobility issues and self-driving car emerges a new product in which, by the way, we are pioneers, the iBooster,” said Orlando Ramirez, plant manager at Bosch Aguascalientes.


The iBooster is a brake thought for the new vehicles such as Tesla, Audi or BMW, since it is completely mechanic electronic, although it has engines it is controlled 100 % by an Electronic Control Unit or Engine Control Unit, (ECU,) better known as an automotive computer, this way it can receive software updates online from the vehicle, in case an improvement has to be done, there is a ‘patch’ that sends it to the brake, therefore, it is updated and corrects the problem.


“These brakes are 100 % configurable, the pedal can be changed, its sensations, more aggressive, sporty or soft, depends on the vehicle, currently we are manufacturing it since last year, it is used in futurist cars such as Tesla to a CR-V from Honda, each time it is permeating more,” added Orlando Ramirez.


Mexico has slowly adapted to automation in cars, the same that in other countries it is already implemented, such as in Germany, which held a completely autonomous driving, while in Mexico it is in level one.


Some automobiles have a camera that detects a decrease in car’s speed and sends a sign to ESP or the iBooster, this way the car brakes, it is not an independent total driving because the steering is taken; however, there is no need in using the feet.

“Volkmar Denner, CEO has a proposal that 2025, 90 % of Bosch products will have artificial intelligence, the engine will warn you about the need of oil change and not with a light, the car will diagnose itself to improve your safety,” said Marco Quero, corporate communication manager at Robert Bosch.




On the other hand, due to the demand such services have had, this industrial building has grown 13,000 square meters in production areas, engineering and offices during 2017 and by the end of 2018, they reached a total surface of 38,000 square meters where 8.4 million units per year are manufactured.


They began operations with only 27 people, today 1,200 associates work, although this can increase due to the new technologies they are manufacturing in the facilities, therefore they are planning growth in a medium-term of approximately 1,500 people.

For directives internal labor environment is important, therefore each space of their buildings is designed for collaborators to find a pleasant and comfortable environment, in addition, they installed a self-service store inside the factory, to facilitate and keep their human capital safe.