BorgWarner has being dedicated to create technologies to improve efficiency, emissions and the performance in all kind of people and cargo transportation, by creating solutions that support a clean, energy-efficient world


“The company was formed in 1928.  Among the founding companies are Borg&Beck, Marvel-Schebler, Warner Gear and Mechanics Universal Joint.  Currently we are leaders of the propulsion system for combustion vehicles, hybrid and electric,” said Manuel Ferreira, Human Resources director at BrogWarner SLP.


The history of the plant in San Luis Potosi dates from 1997, under the name of Remy Mexico and in which, they manufactured starter engines and Remy and Delco Remy brands alternators.  In 2015, BorgWarner acquired Remy and integrated the starter engines and alternators to its products catalogue.


“BorgWarner has 67 locations around the world, among manufacturing plants and technical centers.  In Mexico we have plants in Saltillo; El Salto, Jalisco, Irapuato, Juarez and in San Luis Potosi.  In the country we produce turbochargers, engine chains, friction separator plates, EGR systems, starters and alternators,” said Manuel Ferreira.


At the San Luis Potosi plant are manufactured starters engines and alternators for heavy service applications which include from commercial vehicles, farm equipment and of construction, to marine applications; in addition, of light service vehicles that go from optimized combustion engines and hybrid propulsion, to completely electric propulsion.

Starter engines and alternators have characteristics and technologies that assure low combustible consumption and long service life.


“Our products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada and all the countries in Latin America, including Brazil.  We also export to Europe, Africa, Australia and some Asian countries,” said Omar Rodriguez, manager of the BorgWarner SLP Plant.


The company has a global and national supply chain; leaders in pieces manufacturing that belong to different commodities in which they collaborate.


In order to guarantee the high quality standard of its products, the plant has designed an initial intensive training plan, structured in such manner that theoretical knowledge received at the classroom, as in practice being developed in the workplace, allow them to reach the required efficiency and effectiveness.


“We are working in the development of a new products generation, centered in energy efficiency and environmental care.  This year we will finish the construction of a local laboratory to facilitate products testing and implement new technologies,” Omar Rodriguez ended.