BMW places SLP in an important position worldwide with the export of Serie 3


BMW Group announced the integration of BMW Group Brazil operations to the current structure of BMW Group Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean; therefore together with BMW Group Argentina, which is part of such region, one of the most important and with more geographic development areas for the company will be shaped which will be led by Alexander W. Wehr, president and CEO of BMW Group Mexico and Latin America.


“We will be stronger and more strategic with this integration aiming to supply what Latin American customers need in products, services and technology” said the president.

With this integration BMW Group will serve the needs of the Latin American markets, likewise, this will allow a greater synergy in business matters, focusing in the consumer, regional production management and competitiveness.

“Latin American markets are strategical for the global business of the company, seeking to satisfy the world sales objectives.  Today with the integration of BMW Group Brazil will be allowed to optimize, moreover, the capabilities of the two plants in the South American country; shaping together, with human resources, operations and a wide distributors and importers network, one of the most attractive offers for commercial agreements,” said Alexander W. Wehr.

Current status of the project


The establishment of the plant will locate the country in a very important position worldwide, not only for the “BMW Serie 3” which will be manufactured in the state of San Luis Potosi, but also it will increase the supply base and the export level of the country.


The advance of the plant construction, located in Villa de Reyes, is at a 96 %, all structures are ready since the first quarter of 2018.


In the last months welding testing processes have been held at the body building, where 500 robots have been installed for the production of the new generation of the “BMW Serie 3.”


Technology and Innovation


The BMW Group San Luis Potosi plant will be equipped with logistics smart methods, data systems and analysis for remote-intelligent-predictive maintenance, as well as innovative automation and additive manufacture; with high technology processes which go from environmental regulations, connected supply chain, QR codes, ergonomic, flexible metrology, digitalization, big data, virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing, to automation, predictive maintenance, via video link, wearables, autonomous route including inductive load, among others.


The parameters established with technological innovations will allow the plant being efficient, qualified and sustainable with the highest quality processes. 


Human Resources and training


From the 1,500 employees of BMW Group Planta San Luis Potosi with which operations will be started, about 700 have had suitable training in other sites of the Production Network, since the entire personnel goes through an initial training plan and then receives the required instructions according to the role they will have inside the company.


Meanwhile, about 250 employees have had their training processes at the German cities of Munich, Spartanburg, Leipzig and in China.


In addition, the plant follows the German dual training scheme, therefore in collaboration with educational institutions in the State; they are working for apprentices to acquire the base of their future professions.


For BMW Group books are complemented with tool boxes, immersing students in practice, what guarantees the company having more prepared personnel at any moment.


That is why they fulfilled an investment of 9 million dollars for the infrastructure of the “Training Center,” which has a surface of 6,000 square meters with a capability of 150 apprentices and 150 spaces for attendees that go to other workshops and training rooms.


It has 11 workshops: metalworking, hydraulics, pneumatics, robots, painting, automotive, production workshop, electronics, welding, electro-mobility, computing, among others.  It also includes an area for leadership testing development, quality and skills in the recruitment area.


Employers and apprentices use the training programs integrated by BMW Group San Luis Potosi under the four pillars: vocational training, occupational training, launching center and training in the Production Global Network.


This space has been addressed to the three internships with which BMW Group Planta San Luis collaborates: Mechatronics, in cooperation with the Universidad Tecnologica de San Luis Potosi (UTSLP;) Manufacture Mechanics, with the National College of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP, by its Spanish initials) and Automotive Mechatronics, in collaboration with the Centro Educativo Vanguardista (CEDVA.)


The first generation was formed by 24 students, the group of Mechatronics Maintenance from the UTSLP, graduated under a German program of dual learning and is already part of the work team of BMW Group Planta San Luis Potosi.


The second generation of apprentices was integrated by 78 students, included young people in Production Mechatronics and Automotive Mechatronics from CEDVA and CONALEP, and for the third generation 68 students from the three educational institutions joined.


Purchase office and of supply network


Its main objective is to group auto-parts suppliers in the American continent aiming for them to participate in the world automotive industry.  About 125 different products have been exported from Mexico, including mechanic components, powertrain parts, chassis components, exterior parts, electric and electronic components, in addition of a wide range of interior equipment products from which 70 % are addressed to the Spartanburg Plant, in the United States and the remaining percentage to the different plants in Europe, South Africa and Asia.


The purchase volume does not only belong to the San Luis Potosi plant, since Mexico integrates suppliers for the different sites of the global production network from BMW Group.  By the end of 2017 were fulfilled transactions of about 2.5 billion dollars with suppliers stablished in Mexico and abroad.


More than 200 locations will be reached with the establishment of the plant BMW Group San Luis Potosi.  The new generation of the “BMW Serie 3,” will integrate up to 62.5 % of the pieces of established suppliers in the country.