His goal is for the business to grow more, since for him his obligation is to continue creating job sources, likewise to continuously seek for new opportunities to expand his products even more.

He encourages his 150 workers this same way, for them to be trained often, not to be only the best in the company, but also for them to be able to have better opportunities in the future.

For the current director it is very important for his companies have the value of ethics and family union, “we request our personnel to be ethical, to reach that we have to be an example,” he added.

“When the market opened, we improved our processes, it is the only way you can remain in the sector, that is why we have recognitions from PROFEPA, and certifications: ISO 9001: 2015, NMX-SAST-001-IMNC-2008, among others,” he said.

As founder of these companies, Alcala Alba had the need to perform in different positions such as manager, director, treasurer, chief of operations, since at the beginning he had not enough personnel, this way he gained pretty much labor experience, of knowing anything he learned that the industry is very demanding and that products have to be manufactured with quality.

In 1983, he bought its first textile plant in San Luis Potosi, where they only had 20 old machines, which worked at a very slow speed back then 10,000 square meters of textiles were produced per month, after seeing the growth of such factory he decided to expand its production and opened two plants in Aguascalientes, Laprotex and Satin Export, nowadays they have the capacity of producing little more than two million square meters of textiles per month for the automotive industry.

His desire to grow encouraged him to open his first store, which was named La Providencia, eventually he opened several branches in the State of Aguascalientes and expanded until becoming Grupo Comercial La Providencia.

His professional life within the industrial sector started when graduating as private accountant in the Academia Mercantil Alcala, in the city of Aguascalientes, he practiced his profession for three years at the Banco del Centro, known today as Banorte, later he dedicated to commerce on a store called Casa Ibarra where he was sold leather items and clothes for the entire family, working as manager for three years.

For 36 years Luis Salvador Alcala Alba, founder and director of Laprotex, has been part of the supply chain of the automotive industry by offering, through their textile company, leather seats, synthetic leather support, 3D fabrics for interior application, among other products.