After exploring the textile sector and seeing a work opportunity in the automotive Industry, moreover, due to the noticeable developed Aguascalientes have had in recent years, the Mexican company Aminsa, Acabados Metalicos Innovadores started operations on February 23rd, 2015 in Aguascalientes providing a best result in its production inside the sector.


The automotive plant has 1,500 square meters of productive area, where about 80,000 metallic finished pieces are manufactured per month with a capability of 130,000 of its products monthly, currently their main customers are Prodomex, Maindsteel, Metalistik and Complejo Industrial Estrada; manufacture directly intended for Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Nissan brands.


The merchandise they manufacture is indirectly exported, since one of its customers collaborates with Volkswagen Europe, regarding its suppliers they are from Mexico although some of its supplies come from the United States.


This company dedicated to metallic coating provides their main services which are chromed, nickel plated, galvanized and chrome nickel; likely, the industrial building has an ISO 9000-2015 certificate, which they obtained in record time as result of the commitment of all their collaborators.


They have a work team of 30 people, who are regularly trained, although for them is more important to be focused in developing the human part of their personnel.


“I believe technique is done every day in following up with them, but the emotional part is the one that worries us the most, we know that if a person is emotionally okay can develop better in work, that is fundamental in people,” assured Carlos Arredondo, general director of Aminsa, Acabados Metalicos Innovadores.




The company from Aguascalientes has three important projects that will begin being implemented by the end of this year and during 2020.


The first one will be the manufacturing of a piece with Shoshiba, which dedicates to manufacturing metallic parts for automotive vehicles of Nissan and Honda brands; perhaps this will demand a new galvanized line.


Likely, by the end of this year is planned to open a chrome line, all this will be reflected in their production multiplication and growing their work to double.


This way, they are projecting expanding the company and change its location to Rincon de Romos, Aguascalientes, to an industrial building of 5,000 square meters, where they anticipate beginning operations in 2020.


On the other hand, they will be looking to be certified in ISO-14000 standards that cover environmental aspects, of products and organizations, which is something fundamental for them said the general director.


“I believe we can have a good business and make it grow, but if we do not take care of the environment it will not make sense to us, therefore we are thinking in having this certify for February next year,” he ended.