As result of the industrial dynamism taking place in San Luis Potosi, Felix Alby, Comptroller at Constellium Automotive Mexico, announced that soon they will be opening the facilities of the American company, which will be located at the Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park.


“Human talent capacity of the people from San Luis Potosi, as well as its geographical location and industrial dynamism, gave us a strong growth expectation for the next two years,” said Felix Alby.


In the first stage of the project, which will be focused to the manufacturing of aluminum auto-parts, were invested approximately 10 million dollars in a property land of 5,000 square meters.

“A company such as this comes to complement us in a productive chain in too many areas that we have inside the manufacturing sector, it is a first stage and in based on the growth, soon a second stage could be projected with almost double investment,” said Gustavo Puente, secretary of Economic Development

This plant will allow Constellium to answer the growing demand of light and of high resistance systems for the control of aluminum failures and automotive structures from the automotive industry which is in expansion.

The directive went to the offices of the head of the State Executive, Juan Manuel Carreras, to thank him for the facilities granted by the State Government for the arrival of this project, whose first stage will generate about 155 formal jobs.

“It is an example of the entity’s strength in the attraction of global capitals, since it has the ideal conditions for the development of large-scale projects within the industrial sector,” said the state official.

The North American company has 25 plants worldwide, its headquarters are located in the United States, and moreover it is also located in Europe and China.