From the different Mexican companies that attended the Hannover Messe Fair, in Germany, Max4 Technologies highlighted by the development of technology IoT (Internet of Things,) attracting the interest of companies around the world.


David Pena, commercial director of Max4 Technologies said that their main objectives were to seek connections and opportunities to globally enter their products and services, in addition of observing the technological trend to develop their objectives as company covering international needs, which were achieved and succeeded.


The commercial director said that the opportunity for Mexican companies that attended the Hannover Messe Fair was very important as they had the good reception of German businessmen for their international projection.


“As invited country, Mexico demonstrated that there are interesting companies, mainly in manufacture, which supply big assemblers,” said David Pena.


For the manager, attending the Fair gave them the opportunity to appear in a global scheme but, it also represented the mean to relate with other Mexican businessmen with whom they had synergies, and soon establish agreements or alliances.


Likewise, Max4 Technologies is developing a network in Aguascalientes which will allow giving Internet of Things solutions (IoT) to develop the Smart City concept.


“We want Aguascalientes to be the first Smart City nationally,” Pena said, since the network being created has coverage of 92 % of the conurbated zone, this will allow installing residential, industrial or commercial sensors to obtain real time information from almost any variable.


Regarding technological development in the entity, David Pena said that Aguascalientes “has everything to develop Industry 4.0,” however, he said that it is necessary for Mexican companies to relate among them “it is required to be more united to be more Networking.”