According to the study of Regional Indicators of Economic Activities (IRAE, by its Spanish initials) fulfilled by Citibanamex, Aguascalientes will position as the second entity with the greatest economic growth nationwide since it could grow 3.2 % this year, this is due to some companies have incorporated skills needed within the industry that in these times.

During 2018 the State increased 4.5 % in Gross Domestic Product (GDP,) therefore it was the second one with the highest economic growth in the country, this manner local economy favored the creation of formal jobs with a growth of 5.6 % in this year against 4.1 % of the national average, with all these positive numbers is planned that for 2020 the entity will registry an increase on its GDP of a 3.6 % per year, this will locate it on the third position in national comparative.

On the other hand, foreign investors have seen the progress the region has had; for example, executives from Advanced Composites Mexicana S.A. de C.V. recognized the economic, technologic and of safety progress reported in Aguascalientes during the last months, this has provided certainty to international businessmen, likewise, Keiji Shite, president and CEO of Advanced Composites International, explained the certainty they have in Aguascalientes to continue generating dialogue spaces and approaches with foreign companies to consolidate them or for their expansion projects.

Commerce is strategic for the economic development presented by the State of Aguascalientes, therefore they will teach support programs, such as advisory, training, and support for companies constituted as entrepreneurs since nowadays markets have been transforming themselves fundamentally, therefore, it is important to embrace changes, mainly to adapt to new conditions with Avant-grade actions in the use of new technologies and digital platforms.