In the last few years Aguascalientes exceeded 2,700 million dollars in foreign direct investment, this way, most of these come from Japan, Germany and the United States, which results in more working opportunities for State inhabitants, therefore a new private Industrial Park “Santa Fe Tecnopark,” which has as an objective to continue attracting local investment, national and international, which will generate more jobs for entity inhabitants.


This project was integrated by three Aguascalientes companies, which have been committed with the entity, these are Agminis, Inmobiliaria Sattex and Grupo Constructor Peasa, Avant-grade local businessmen group, visionary and with technical capability, who are planning to favor personal and group development of capitalists in the State, allowing to achieve their objectives efficiently.


“We are very proud to settle this investment, we have more than 30 years in the industrial part, mainly in construction and we can add great value today, also from land and provide customers with a complete solution which is what the industry currently requires,” said Horacio Barba, general director of Grupo Industrial Constructor Peasa.


This complex has a total area of 350,000 square meters, where the first company Donaldson settled six months ago, which is dedicated to provide filtration solutions for engines, industrial air, oils and liquids; that is why for now the Industrial Park has a surface of 300,000 square meters of property lands available for the construction of modern industrial buildings that serve productive sector new needs which demand toughest requirements for quality and production processes.


Horacio Barba added that they expect the Park to have more than 50 % of occupation within two years, for companies be local, national of from other countries and different sectors, aiming to continue contributing to region’s growth.


Finally, for Santa Fe Tecnopark taking care of the environment is important, therefore they are also looking for future companies settling also care the environment; on the other hand, these spaces will have all new generation services, since it has electric energy in medium voltage, telephony, natural gas, drinkable water, controlled access, green areas, led lighting, drainage and sewerage.