ABB Mexico plant located in San Luis Potosi, began operations in May 2008, the EPDS manufacturing complex has 33,000 square meters.

One year ago the EPDS Business Unit was created, after the merging between Low Voltage units and Medium Voltage Units where around 650 people collaborate.

The campus including EPDS is located on an area of 33,000 square meters, the plant is dedicated to the manufacturing of electric equipment and its capital is of Swedish- Swiss.

“ABB Mexico, on its EPDS Business Unit, is proudly Mexican manufacturing and our products are exported around the world, we are very proud of using SLP workforce, complemented with the experience of different collaborators from other States and parts of the world,” said Rafael Cuevas, local manager of ABB Business Unit, EPDS Business Unit.

Rodrigo Espinosa, manager of Controls and Protection Manager of ABB, EPDS Business Unit, who said that the plant located in the entity is one of the most important of Grupo ABB, since it was one of the first ones in which they decided to fulfill a joint investment.

“We have all group divisions in this Campus, 24 hectares were acquired to develop the entire complex and each one of the Business Units had the opportunity of creating different products of manufacturing as well as of engineering,” he said.

Grupo ABB made the decision of settle in the SLP entity due to its strategic location and proximity to Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, in addition of the industrial development the State has and the growth it has for the future.

“We are very happy to work in San Luis Potosi at the ABB factory, in fact we see there is a very big opportunity to standout inside the Group, one of the things I like the most is communicating with my team and the people with which I interact, in Mexico we know how to do things right and that is showed in this ABB plant worldwide we have a very high performance level and we are proud of the work being done here,” said Rodrigo Espinosa.

During the last 10 years better practices have been implemented in the company, thanks to the different visits of ‘benchmarking’ to Europe and Asia plants.

“This aimed to adopt improvements of different places and that our operation has efficiency, productivity and good focused results,” said the manager of Controls and Protection at ABB, EPDS Business Unit.



They manufacture medium voltage and low voltage equipment, in addition they produce medium voltage weathering switches and restaurateurs in medium voltage weathering switchers; and an additional product manufactured are low voltage capacitors banks.

“In Mexico we have two plants and globally we have 56 facilities in different countries and we are certified with Standards ISO-14000 and ISO-18000, and ISO-9000 on its 2015 version,” added Rafael Cuevas, local manager of ABB Business Unit, EPDS Business Unit.

ABB Mexico exports to countries accepting their manufacturing standard American National Standards Institute (ANSI) among them the United States, Canada, Chile, Peru, Central America and they are seeking to increase their presence in Portugal, Philippines and Australia.

“We have suppliers from different parts of the world, always looking to fulfill social and environmental standards since we are a socially responsible company,” said Jorge Cabrera, projects’ execution manager at ABB, EPDS Business Unit.

They have suppliers in different parts of the world, in Mexico are mainly supplied from companies located in San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Mexico City and the Estado de Mexico and internationally in the United States and in the European Union mainly in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Belgium, among others.

“We fulfill the highest quality standards with our people, as well as with the equipment to continue growing in a sustainable manner,” said Jorge Cabrera.





ABB, leading group in power and automation technology, celebrated the launching of the exterior circuit switcher R-MAG number 23,000 during the first trimester of 2019, which is produced by ABB Mexico in the facilities of San Luis Potosi, from which 15,000 have been manufactured in SLP.

The automatic switch R-MAG bases its functioning in magnetic actuation technology ABB for the control and protection of substations, cables, airlines, engines and transformers.

The R-MAG is being currently used in more than 100 different public services and in more than 10 countries around the world.

It was introduced for the first time to the market in 2002, developing the magnetic actuation of an outdoors circuit switch, its production began in Lake Mary, Florida, where the headquarters of Medium Voltage is located.




The five pairs of ABB values exemplify what the company wants to achieve, are the model for the way they work, and it is a tool to realize the individual personnel potential as well as an organization.

The five pairs of values are safety and integrity, customer approach and quality, innovation and quickness, property and performance, and collaboration and trust.

“They are included since our recruitment processes to direct the profile of the candidates selected and, something very important of collaborating in ABB is quality in life style having a complete balance between family and work, in addition of being sure about ABB takes care of us as collaborators,” said Cinthya Hernandez, partner of Human Resources at ABB, EPDS Business Unit.

From the Mexican workforce point of view, Alejandro Flores, COO            at ABB, EPDS Business Unit, said that personnel is competitive in San Luis Potosi, the entity is going through an industrial development and it is at the level of the best in the world.

“A clear example is the technology transfer we have from other countries to Mexico and currently I believe it can be specialized with industry not only automotive but in the electric or aerospace sector also,” he said.

They have different programs to encourage human talent in ABB Mexico, interns directed to develop technical skills and fulfill exchanges in other countries, “’benchmarking’ with other plants worldwide managing the same product among others.

“There is a detection of needs from the managers point of view and together we make programs that can provide development of competences in many positions we have in San Luis,” said Alejandro Flores.



For ABB implies the balance between economic success, an optimum environmental management, and the social progress to benefit all its groups of interest.  Its sustainability policies include how to design and manufacture their products, what they offer their customers, how they treat their suppliers, the way in which they manage their risks and opportunities, and how those communities in which they fulfill operations behave, offering safety and health to their employees, contractors, among others.

They are centered on increasing reliability of the electric network and the industrial productivity, while reducing its environmental impact.

In 2012, ABB Mexico in San Luis Potosi, settled a Photovoltaic Solar Park in the plant to supply itself of energy, a Project developed with Mexican talent and ABB technology.

Within its social responsibility, the company is part of the program “Jovenes Construyendo el Futuro,” (Youngsters Building the Future) promoted by the Federal and State Government.  In addition, ABB Mexico is linked with Local universities and participate in programs of “Interns Development,” what has been reflected as a seedbed for the different areas of the company, in technical as well as management, mechanic engineering, mechatronic, electric, and industrial engineering.

“This is a point contributing in much to the development of new young people capital in San Luis Potosi; ABB is at a good growth level, we have the opportunity to demonstrate nationwide and around the world we can do things right and that we have the human capital to execute the plans taking us to this point,” ended Alejandro Flores, COO at ABB, EPDS Business Unit.