35 million pesos are invested in machinery.

The company from Aguascalientes of Aluminios y Construcciones Quezada celebrated its extension with the opening of a high technology section, whose investment amounts to 35 million pesos and will support more than 100 jobs resulting from completely Aguascalientes capital.


The event was chaired by the owner of the company, Jose Alfredo Renteria Quezada, who in his message stressed the importance of working as a team to achieve the goals that are drawn, where he also showed as an example, since he began to work in construction from a very young age, and thanks to his effort he became one of the most promising entrepreneurs of the State, “Nothing is possible if there is no dedication, perseverance and perseverance,” emphasized Jose Alfredo Renteria Quezada.


“The philosophy of this company has always been to provide employment by seeking the welfare of our workers, we want them to know how to care for and invest their money, this has allowed us to grow our employees' assets.  Likewise respect small outsourced businesses.”


He emphasized that in the country only eight companies, including his own, have high technology equipment and with special characteristics that allow more agile and efficient production processes, concluding in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.


Renteria Quezada said that with this investment they will have the possibility to expand the client portfolio and increase their production capacity, as well as achieving greater competitiveness.


“This business was born 38 years ago, but it was 18 years ago when it was consecrated with the construction of the staircase of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which by its characteristics was distinguished as the only one in the country, and that positioned me throughout Mexico,” he said.


It is noteworthy that in this event guests witnessed a demonstration of the operation of the machine RC 200, one of the most modern in the production of tempered glass and smart glass.


Likewise, Jose Alfredo Renteria Quezada said he knew that the RC 200 would help them grow. “We are a corporate equipped, patent in machinery and continue to expand our company, to continue supporting the economic development of the State,” he concluded.


On the other hand, the governor of the State of Aguascalientes, Martin Orozco Sandoval pointed out that the growth of the industries originating from the State is a great incentive for the continuous work, as well as maintaining the conditions that facilitate and contribute to the development of companies “Our task is to maintain the good climate for doing business in the state and continue with the attraction of more investments,” Martin Orozco said.