Hundreds of entrepreneurial youngsters from all across Mexico participated in the seventh edition of “Invent a New Future Challenge” (INF Challenge,) contest organized by 3M de Mexico which has as an objective capturing new talents and encourage them to transform their curiosity in innovative solutions applied to real life.


The 3M Innovation Center, in San Luis Potosi, was the venue of the grand finale, in which 15 boys and girls, integrating three teams, disputed the first place of the teams’ competition; but only one of them, was the winner that will represent them in Latin America.


The challenge the youngster faced was creating a comprehensive solution for the digital era the company is going through and thus, apply the strategy to improve the service.


The winning team was Andromeda, integrated by boys and girls from San Luis Potosi and Monterrey, who worked for one day to improve the website and presented their project in front to 3M Executives.


“It was to provide a solution, not for a problem, but to provide an improvement, and this kind of approaches with the company is enriching because one can realize were one is standing and see the vision of young people, because we want things to improve and we use these opportunities they grant us,” said Carlos Ruiz, student of International Businesses.


3M de Mexico has chosen Daniela Lopez, a student of the Bachelor’s degree in International Businesses, at the Universidad Anahuac Queretaro, as representative to participate in the Challenger Latinoamerica 2019,” in the edition “Invent a New Future.”  The qualities directives saw in she were her skills to speak and develop herself, in addition to the security she showed when presenting the project before the members of the jury and her English language proficiency.


“Knowledge what is taking place around the world will help you contributing to improvement because all those ideas can affect the operations you develop every day,” ended Daniela Lopez.