The Young Entrepreneurs Commission from the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX, by its Spanish initials) Queretaro held the Commitment Sworn in event of the First University Chapter from the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro (UAQ, by its Spanish initials.)

The mission of this Chapter, according to the organism, has as an objective to encourage entrepreneurial culture among university students with solid bases to create more and better companies within a framework of social responsibility.


“This link seeks sharing experiences that allow students developing attitudes and skills based on a values system, intended to create innovative entrepreneurs and leaders encouraging changes in favor of their social, economic and cultural environment,” added the letter.


During the event celebrated in the Fernando Diaz Ramirez auditorium from the Centro Universitario de Cerro de las Campanas, Lorena Jimenez Salcedo, president of COPARMEX Queretaro, congratulated the member for their commitment and participation, as well as he endorsed the support and accompaniment of the organism he represents to encourage young entrepreneurs projects.


“It is no easy to undertake and participate; it requires time, resources, wiliness, and raising of awareness.  Let us come together, find coincidences, work for this country that needs us so much,” he noted.


In that sense, UAQ rector, Teresa Garcia Gasca, agreed about the importance of union and joint work between businessmen and educational institutions to support young people and underlined that the Universidad de Queretaro is highly committed to generating actions that allow students undertake and generate new projects to contribute to country’s growth.


Meanwhile, the president of the Young Entrepreneurs Commission of COPARMEX Queretaro, Erika Dominguez Kuri, said that it is the moment for young people take the initiative and execute actions to promote innovation, the development of ideas and professional growth through institutional and business linkage.

“Inspiration is one of the key factors to take the initiative, undertake and innovate,” she explained.

UAQ University Chapter from the Young Entrepreneurs Commission of COPARMEX Queretaro is integrated by students from the schools of Accounting and Administration, Law and Computer Sciences.

The organism was comprised as follows Alexis Fernan Rubio Dorantes, president; Cesar Eduardo Guillen Silva, vice-president; Georgina Vega, secretary; Javier Pulido Tovar, Communications coordinator; Andrea Zarazua Gonzalez, Training coordinator; Helen Alexia Rubio Dorantes, Projects’ coordinator, and Emmanuel Salazar Rodriguez, Linkage coordinator.