The German assembler of heavy vehicles Man Truck & Bus Mexico celebrated the opening of their second line of its new plant located at FINSA Industrial Park in El Marques.


Within the framework of their 15th anniversary celebrations, the firm leader of freight and passengers transportation industry, settled an investment higher than 33 million pesos, this as part of an investment plan of 110 million pesos planned for this year.


Leandro Radomile, general director of MAN Truck & Bus Mexico, said that the initial production estimated plan was of two units per week; however, thanks to the increase in demand, today the plant produces one chassis per day.


He noted that they are verifying export opportunities for Latin American countries under Man Latin America command.


“We are celebrating 15 years in Queretaro, MAN Truck & Bus Mexico is already a very important player in the autobuses market in Mexico, with more than 20 % of participation and in this new line of foreigners we have buses of 8 to 26 tons.”


The firm has a range of complete options, from small busses to the largest ones, all designed with the highest technology, we are pioneers of euro 5 in Mexico, since 2013 we have brought the first units with too much experience in this new environmental friendly technology,” said Leandro Radomile.


It is worth mentioning that in this new line three chassis models will be assembled, RR3 19.360/10.480 and RR5 26.480 with MAN D2066 EEV engine, 6 cylinders, which rank from 260 to 480 HP, Euro V technology, transmission TIPMATIC of 12 speeds.


“We will begin with two big units, RR3 19.480 and RR 26.480, we are basically working in the assembly of the units we already have projected with our customers and later we will be delivering the RR3 19.360 model, we will reach 11 units per day in one shift at this plant,” he said.


During his speech Miguel Angel Vallejo, commercial director of MAN Truck & Bus Mexico, detailed “We work for four months in training our personnel, invested too much on their preparation since this offer our customers the certainty of acquiring an excellent product; this new line is generating about 30 new jobs.”


Meanwhile the general director of MAN Truck & Bus Mexico said that they are working in the development of local supply, “we currently have more than 100 components identified with high potential, we recognize that Mexico and of course Queretaro, have very good suppliers with whom we are hoping to work soon.”


“To assembly one unit with the technology our MAN platforms have today, we need more trained people, as well as last level devices and tooling,” said Miguel Angel Vallejo.


MAN has a network of electronic tooling that control each one of the tightens the unit has, that is linked to a database which is capable of storing such information for more than 10 years.


This provides customers with the assurance that what is being assembled in Mexico, fulfills with highest quality standards.