The Universidad Politecnica de Queretaro together with NC Tech held the event “Automotive Industry 4.0” gathering more than 200 companies from companies from the automotive sector, in which attendees had the opportunity of knowing the novelties in artificial intelligence and digitalized systems.


As part of the program were offered a series of conferences by key actors from the industry, such as the MindSphere project of Siemens, an open operative system, based on the cloud, which connects its products, plants, systems and machines, allowing taking advantage of the great amount of data generated by the Internet of Things; likewise the Italian company Telit talked about the field of the internet of things applied to the automotive industry to end with the participation of Victor Avila, general director of NC Tech, who talked about the importance of Industry 4.0.


The event had an experiences area through which the attendees had the opportunity of interacting with projects of technological innovation, among which are found, the Internet of Things, 3D Modeling and Simulation, Subtracting Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data and Information Analysis, Haptic Virtual Reality, Siemens Mindsphere, Digital Twin and ExpertCAD.


One of the most important factors for large companies at the moment of choosing their suppliers has to do with how agile is the company regarding response times; it is important to underline that one of the most important benefits that attracts companies to include these new technologies is precisely the increase of its competitiveness before foreign companies.


In interview for Mexico Industry, Victor Avila said: “NC Tech works in the manufacturing sector whether dedicated to the automotive or aerospace sector and even industrial equipment, without left aside areas as tooling manufacturers, molds and companies dedicated to consumption products such as furniture, footwear, etc.”


Currently, NC Tech serves more than 300 universities since its main objective is to transfer the knowledge and massive access to this technology, “when a company approaches us what they seek is for us to help them implementing different kinds of technology 4.0; in this case there are companies that want to test 3D printed pieces, then we supply the technology and in addition we provide all the teaching and support for them to implement and obtain the piece as they wish; we have  companies that started with a little step, and when they realized the benefits, today they seek to implemented in the entire plant, then we have projects that go from a couple of months to one or two years,” said the CEO of NC Tech.


“We have the fortune of being in a growing sector, and what NC Tech has done is not remain arms crossed, we seek tools that could make us more efficient; NC Tech started in 2005 only representing one 3D modeling design solution, we currently have more than five business lines, from internet of things, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, virtual reality, Big Data and artificial intelligence, we are always seeking to evolve in order to be at par of companies’ challenges and those of our customers,” the interviewed concluded.